About Us

Charanamrit is an in hand effort to make people know that incredible India is about temples that epitomize the ages old Indian culture. It is a beginning of a path that has to be trudged with a lot of hard work but has a silver lining at the other end. At Charanamrit we do not want to teach people what the religious inclination should be, but want to make realizes that every religious structure & practice carries a school of thought or a legend behind it.


Today when we fold our hand or bow down our head as a mark of respect to god we never pay a thought as to what & why has it come from. This is what has made it monotonous for the Gen Y. The legacy which has moved on from us to them should have an answer to everything. Even if we carried something wrong for ages we at Charanamrit wish to bring that up & look at it. We want to make sure that Charanamrit comes up as a platform where thousands becomes innumerable & come together to discuss what they thought was a religious un- requirements or some carry forward traditional rules.


Our explorations made us realize that regions, lifestyles were dominated by religious standings & region in turn dominated the architecture of these temples. We have always been an object of fantasy for those people who come here to explore but not just for them even we a simple native of our country do not knows about this incredible treasure of ours.