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    Top 20 famous Hindu temples List in india

    Category: Religious | Posted :Monday, January 12, 2015

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    Top 20 famous Hindu temples List in india

    Hindu holy temples of India mesmerize people not only from India but around the world. They don't only relate to the unity in the diversity in the temples of the country, but provide the solace to mind of the devotees who visit there. There is a believe that if one visit temple with full devotion can surely find the solution of its problems.

    There are several temples in India at every nook and corner to seek blessings from Hindu deities.  We are here giving  the list of Top Twenty famous temples in India that are most revered for ages to strengthen the faith in the divinity.

     1- Mata Vaishno Devi temple

    Vaishno Devi temple is one of the revered Hindu sacred temples dedicated to Goddess Durga located near the town of Katra at the Reasi district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The temple is located at an altitude of 5300 feet, and a distance is almost 12 kilometers from Katra in Trikuta Hills. Goddess Durga is popular in this place as Vaishno Devi, or Vaishnavi.

    This temple is a holy cave temple, which is a charge with such energy that it helps in formulating indispensable but rare balance in a person. This is what makes the sacred cave temple of Goddess Vaishno Devi unique in the entire world.

    2- Akshardham temple

    Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi epitomizes 10,000 years of Indian culture in all its breathtaking grandeur, beauty, wisdom an d bliss. It brilliantly showcases the essence of India’s ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spiritual messages. The Akshardham experience is an enlightening journey through India’s glorious art, values and contributions for the progress, happiness and harmony of mankind.

    Akshardham complex was built in only five years through the blessings of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam SwaminarayanSwaminarayanSwaminarayan
    Also known as Sahajanand Swami, Ghanshyam Maharaj, Shreeji Maharaj and Shri Hari...
    Sanstha (BAPS) and the colossal devotional efforts of 11,000 artisans and thousands of BAPS volunteers. Heralded by the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple, the complex was inaugurated on 6 November, 2005.

    3- The GauriGauriGauri
    Gauri is another form of Parvati who is known for her fair skin and radiance. She is a gentle goddess who is kindhearted and nurturing...
    Shankar Temple

    Know the reason why Delhi is called as the house of very humanity. People in this city come forward first to stand behind any setback to tackle it, however. Thus, the presence of thinkers exists therein, declaring the city a court of decision we allow them to, legally. At the history of belief, the decision-makers were known as the seraph of God, but to have formed at present the judiciary body living in Delhi.






    4- Chattarpur Temple

    Know the very expertise of architecture bringing up the whole attention breathe in. Here, the capital city draws a picture of lush construction reliable to make available the dreams come true but an elite design of temple, at present. Chhatarpur Temple after Akshardham Temple (The largest shrine of the country) has defined to the South Delhi eqaul to South India features out the very attendance of marvelous temples.



    5- HanumanHanumanHanuman
    SRI HANUMAN is worshipped everywhere in India, alone...
    Temple, Karol Bagh

    Get to the life Charanamrit full up of boon from Lord Hanumana when to enchant the very local hymning-Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram. Yes, the foundation to form the soul devoted to holy spirit matters a lot, making sure to live as a Human Being. Lord Hanumana as an elite attandance at the court of Lord RamaRamaRama
     As of late, in the year 2007, the idea of whether Rama...
    personalizes to have been recognizing the sole ardent devotee has diminished the size of flies for Death & Life.





    6- The Kalka Devi Temple

    The KalkaJi temple is also known as the “Manokamna Siddhi Peeth” or the “Jayanti Peetha.” Manokamna here means ‘wish’, ‘Siddha’ means fulfillment & ‘Peetha’ means shrine which means it is regarded as the place where devotees are definite to get their hands full up of blissful contentment by taking the blessings of Goddess Kalika Devi. Many devotees visit this temple to meditate and raise their soul to higher level of spiritual progress. It enables them to control anger, hunger, thirst, hatred, ego, concentration, psychic faculties, and desire for sex.



    7- Jhandewalan Devi Temple

    Attributing to have the faith of flag in New Delhi, Jhandewalan Temple has its significance, after the prayers by flags in the Mughal period came in vision. Inscribed in history, this temple in New Delhi exists as one of the ancient temples, dedicated to Goddess Shakti. Taking place on the Jhansi Road in New Delhi, Jhandewalan Temple witnesses to appear a beehive of devotees most at Navaratra, and making sure to Metroes do not sleep at mid-night too at the festive occasions.





    8- Bal HanumanTemple, CP

    Thanks to Lord Haanumana to have been residing at Delhi till the period of epic- Mahabharata. Indeed, temple also becomes as the puzzle-piece to accomplish the image of history too. Whereas, the country formed itself mattering a lot, history is what people see concretely such as Bal Hanumana Temple in Connaught Place of New Delhi. The outline of masses in Bal anumana Temple witnesses to call the country is as the tumbler to quench the people taking in the revitalization of their means to live.




    9- Yogmaya Temple

    Sometime, turning out the pages of history brings its readers closer to their originality of living. At this junction, India to have been an Incredible India results aquainting the laity stand by the saga you believe in. As a whole, the architecture of any region comes out as prologue to its readers, making clear-cut the very endeavors of our forerunners. Here, the incomparable presence of shrines has shaped to the country better than others, having been witnessed to disclose the style of living such as temples in South India befalls as an structural design of their traditions.




    10- Bhairon Temple, Purana Qila

    Blessed with the spiritual spirits, the capital city of India has its priceless page in the history, availing the very footmarks of deities reliable to have been pleasing to the Delhities a lot. Here, Lord Kal BhairavBhairavBhairav
    Also known as Kala Bhairava, Bhairava is the manifestation of Lord Shiva...
    Temple (a fierce form of Lord Shiva), adjacent to Old Fort, in New Delhi is known as “Pandav Kaleen Sri Kilkari Bhairav Temple”.





    11- Bijali Mahadev Temple

    Really, living to the next one to live long is as an essence of godly presence. The vital attendance of deities-like figures in the world is none other than the seraph of God cementing the Humanism at the very deep of moral ethics. Here, the Lord ShivaShivaShiva
    Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
    to have been saving the humankind for a long time absorbs the electricity liable to crumble the Linga Linga is a phallic shaped symbol of Shiva which is considered his source of power and is worshipped by Hindus(manifestation of Lord Shiva) in the Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. Thus, the site, Lord Shiva is worshipped to bless the adorers come rid of their disturbances, is known as the Bijli Mahadev Temple in the valley of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Dedicated to the Lord Shiva, this Bijli Mahadev Temple is believed to be safeguarding by the stone-made NandiNandiNandi
    Nandi is one of the most iconic and famous characters of Hindu mythology. He is the vehicle of Shiva and also the gatekeeper of the abode of Shiva and Parvati. 
    . Appeared out as the most eye-catching scenario, this Pahari-styled architecture is fallen amidst the greenery Himalayas.

    12- Bhootnath temple

    Fruitful of devotional entities, India is been an abode for spiritualism drawing an image of heaven visible, wherein the compilation of living is under the godly boons. As a whole, the country to have been enlivening the humanity is all set to have drawn the people all over the globe therein in getting in the home of God. Yes, the laity as usual of their regulars ought to step in the temples, considering their very initiative to trigger the day. As a result, the constant mass of devotees at the specific dots of the country such as Himachal Pradesh maintains to the every year busy of devotional trips. Here, Mandi to get known as the Kashi of the Hills has the massive attendance of the temples, making itself devoted for the Lord Shiva’ family. Meaning that the Mandi is the address of  Lord Shiva, and is as the earthly home after Benaras for the Lord Shiva.


    13- Triloknath Temple

    Really, the abodes for the destroyer of the universe (Lord Shiva) in the country come to have been more than stars in the Galaxy. Lord Shiva to have been known as the sole father of the entire creatures on the earth has his home at each heart, blessing to his devotee get rid of any sort of tribulation. Here, Mandi to appear out as the Kashi of the Hills comes in vision to have comprised more than 80 temples, naming itself the very devotional site of the Hinduism after the Kashi in Benaras. The Triloknath Temple in the Old Mandi renders to the Indian history “A journey to divinely addresses”, getting itself one of the most ancient temples of Mandi.


    14- ChamundaChamundaChamunda
    The name Chamunda is the combination of two names ‘Chanda’ and ‘Munda’...
    Devi Temple

    Serving to the foods before the God comes out Prasad, It is the sacred food that is distributed after an auspicious event or day after offering it to the Gods while the footmarks of God render to the land as India. Indeed, the country to have been perpetuating the addresses of spiritual essence such as Goddess Maa has her residences all over the country and across too.

    As usual, the focal component to run the body is known as the heart comes shaping of Goddess Maa in the virtual world. Here, Goddess Chamunda Temple in Himachal Pradesh to safeguard the humanity all cuts of sword over the evil forces.



    15- The Brijeshwari Temple

    India to have been witnessing the footmarks of invaders is known as the "Sone ki Chidiya", storing the focal points expected for the people a lot. The spate of wealth, moral ethics and the great hospitality have differed to the India off to the world, in entrancing to the people come to India. Here, Mahmud Gazni, and Firoz Shah Tuglaq were the faces to have ransacked at the country many time, pocketing by the assets India was called Sone ki Chidiya from. Brajeshwari Temple in the old Kangra township of Himachal Pradesh subjects to have been looted by the invaders, explaining to the country a bank of limitless contentment, really.


    16- Bhimakali Temple

    As a whole, the God as the Shepherd to browse the sheep of the earthly ground smiles after he sees us trained to confront the materialistic blow of tribulations. The godly essence on the earth to have been enabling the living creatures do their functions well has opened its coaching centers (Temples) to accentuate the Humanism. India to have shaped itself as an abode of devotional entities draws a beautifully scenic address of God, considering to its states are the allies to show the godly homes. Here, Bhimakali Temple in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh renders a home for the Goddess KaliKaliKali
    There are several traditions of how Kali came into existence...
    (the softening heart mother in the world). Located at the bank of Beas River on Mandi Pathankot National Highway, this Bhimakali Temple is the most attraction to the tourist visiting this religious site when they come in the Mandi. Coming out as the most devotion to the Hinduism, this Bhimakali Temple gets itself dissimilar of Northern India magnetizing to the people through its structural design.

    17- Rangnath Temple

    Incredibly, the enigma of India has handed over the chaste imagination of the whole world, drawing a picture people may find themselves none other than a tiger of rich source to live in. Making the eye replete of experience about India, the world gets to the country at the Map a sole destination of divine soothing.

    Whereas, Uttar Pradesh lands down the very footprints of Lord VishnuVishnuVishnu
    Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
    and Goddess LakshmiLakshmiLakshmi
    Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who is regarded as the ultimate deity of wealth...
    at Ayodhya, this northern part of India has pitched an interest of devotees come to Vrindavan It is an important Hindu pilgrimage site where Krishna spent his childhood days. Mathura- It is a city in North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the birthplace of Krishnais as the Search-Engine to the spiritual belief as a whole.


    18- Laat Bhairav Temple

    No more acquaintance about the country after a visit for Varanasi makes its visitors encyclopedic  of holy spirits. Making cipher of attendance in considering the God, India is what induces to the world know it Incredible to its immense belief at divine essence. Here, Varanasi to have been the first address on the earth having the God visible therein comes at the very priority when to name for Lord Shiva. Flowing the holy-water to bless the devotees, Lord Shiva in Varanasi has his presence vital to have cemented to its holy city his most abode to his adorers go to heaven after a door-bell at his abode, indeed.



    19- Sankat Mochan Temple

    Experience the inhalation is as the just attendance of God within. The plenary substance on the earth dances at the tempo of divine soul to perpetuate the humanity all. Subjectively, India all over the globe brings itself dissimilar to the other countries, in manner to sermonize the very words of Gods. Here, Varanasi of India has drawn a line direct to Heaven for Hindus, availing the address of God, indeed. Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, renders as one of the sacred temples in Varanasi, on the Assi River.


    20- Bankey Bihari Temple

    Indeed, the vibration under the feet of devotees at Vrindavan shapes them groove their body to dance after they consider it a place for Lord KrishnaKrishnaKrishna
    It is described that there are three aspects of the Supreme that must...
    . Yes, Vrindavan to have drafted a Paradise where the devotees are likely to get the address of their God in. Here, Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan of Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh has been one of the most vibrant temples amassing the huge number of devotees in the month of Shraavana (July-August), dedicated to Lord Krishna.


    One must plan a pilgrimage holiday  of  the temples of India to realize the quintessence of the mysterious spiritual land of India.



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