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About Jhulan Yatra 2017


Jhulan Yatra 2017- Swing festival of Krishna and Jagannath in Sawan Month 


Jhulan Yatra 2017 Dates

August 3, 2017 to August 7, 2017
Jhulan Yatra is a swing festival celebrated in the month of Shravan Month (July – August) and is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath. Jhulan Yatra 2017 dates are from August 3 to August 7. Jhulan Jatra is an important festival in Lord Jagannath Temple. The festival starts on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) in Shravan month and ends on Shravan Poornima (full moon). 
Jhulan Yatra is one of the most important festivals for the followers of Lord Krishna celebrated in the monsoon month of Shravan. After Holi and Janmashtami, it is one of the biggest and most popular religious festivals of the Vaishnavas. Known for its magnificent display of decorated swings, song, and dance, Jhulan is a joyful festival celebrating the Radha-Krishna armor coupled with the romantic zeal of the rainy season in India.

Origin of the Jhulan Yatra Festival

Jhulan Yatra has been motivated from the swing pastimes of Krishna and his consort Radha during their mythical romance in the idyllic rural groves of Vrindavan, where the divine lovers along with their cowherd friends and 'Gopis' took part in joyful swinging in the cool monsoon season.
Jhulan Yatra festival is inspired from Lord Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan. It is believed that Lord Krishna, Radha and other Gopis and Gopas used to swing in the monsoon season in Vrindavan.
During the festival and idol of Lord Krishna is placed on a decorated swing. The swinging takes place along with music and dance. In some temples, Lord Krishna is seen along with an idol of Radha. 

Jhulan Yatra in Mathura, Vrindavan, and Mayapur

Of all the holy places in India, Mathura, Vrindavan, and Mayapur are most famous for Jhulan Yatra celebrations.
During the thirteen days of Jhulan-from the third day of the vivid fortnight of the Hindu month of Shravan (July-August) until the full moon night of the month, called Shravan Purnima, which usually coincides with the Raksha Bandhan festival millions of Krishna devotees from all over the world to the pious cities of Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, and Mayapur in West Bengal, India.

Jhulan Yatra Celebrations at ISKCON

Many Hindu Shrine board, especially the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), celebrate Jhulan for five days. At Mayapur, the world headquarters of the ISKCON, idols of Radha and Krishna are decorated and placed on an elegant swing in the temple courtyard for devotees to swing their favorite deities using a flowery rope while offering flower petals amid bhajans and kirtans.
In some temples, it is celebrated on all five days from Ekadashi to Purnima. The festival is also an important festival in ISKCON Temples. 
A similar festival is celebrated by Lord Swaminarayan sect from Ashad Purnima to Shravan Poornima and is known as Hindola.


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