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    Haunted Vrindavan Society Thane
    Category: Religious | Posted :Friday, January 15, 2016

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     Haunted Vrindavan Society Thane
    The Vrindavan It is an important Hindu pilgrimage site where Krishna spent his childhood days. Mathura- It is a city in North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the birthplace of Krishnasociety is very densely populated and a big community in Thane Mumbai. When we talk about the ghost, then a very spooky lonely place comes in mind. But this ghost story is a bit different from anyone's imagination. In this story, the spirit does not stay at a spooky lonely place instead resides in a very populated society.  Vrindavan Society is now well-known for its ghost stories. So, we have to go in past and find out what made this society so famous, that everyone is talking about its spirit.
    According to the myth, there was a suicide in one of the building number 66b to be precise. An elderly person jumps off his balcony. Though, the reason regarding his suicide is still unknown and no death note or any kind of evidence was found by the police. But, there are many haunted stories taking place after this incident. Nearby people say that they felt the presence of some unnatural force in the building. Society guards and residents complain several times about paranormal feeling near to this building. One interesting story is about the night guard who was slapped by this ghost and after this incident, many guards left their jobs due to fear.
    Some residents mention hearing of strange noises like someone crying and screaming in the night. Some people felt that they were followed while walking alone during the night. Some have also seen the ghost standing in the balcony and peeking outside. Different people have different views and experience about this place, and many of them are seriously scared of this society. Vrindavan society is now very famous for its ghost stories and ranks in Top 20 Haunted Places In India. After going through this incident, many people will think and research about the crowded buildings, also before investing in any home, be cautious because ghost can stay anywhere.