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Dow Hill Kurseong Haunted place of west bengal, India
Category: Religious | Posted :Friday, January 15, 2016

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Dow Hill Kurseong Haunted place of west bengal, India
Dow Hill Kurseong is located in the West Bengal near famous Hill station Darjeeling. Kurseong is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. There are many murders reported in Dow Hill Kurseong. Dark, spooky, strange haunted forest of Dow Hill Kurseong is reported to be haunted by many people. 
These forests hide many untold stories among themselves. The stories of the ghost, paranormal activities that are experienced by many people nearby. Much unnatural death in this dark forest makes it a horrifying place. People believe that unsatisfied spirits roaming at this place are the sole reason for all the death taking place here. 
The most horrifying story is of a headless boy. The road between Dow Hill and the Forest office is known as the death road. Many woodcutters have seen this headless boy walking on the road and disappearing into the woods. People are scared of this Headless ghost and avoid passing through this route during the night. 
The forest has it’s own stories, nearby people says that it's very unpleasant kind of atmosphere in the forest. The Very strange feeling will surround you in the forest like someone is near you. Even those who do not believe in ghost can't stay in the forest for a longer period of time. Some say they have heard women crying in the forest, some have seen red eyes in the forest. People also witness women in grey attire. Many experienced their children terrified after visiting this place.
People told that uninvited spirits followed them. Some people have even gone in trauma for a long time. People have also committed suicide because of unknown reasons.
100-year-old Victoria Boys High School is also in the list of the haunted places in Kurseong. It's foundation was laid by the British, and it came under the oldest schools in India. All the incidents occur during the holiday season when school is empty for summer vacation. People have seen the boy standing near a window and heard voices of boys playing and running while school was all empty for vacations. School administration, however, denies all the rumours. Neither teacher nor students reported any paranormal activities inside the school.
When we talk about a ghost, we can't be sure about their existence, but the Kurseong is a very beautiful place comprise of the wooden mountain, tea gardens, tea factories and forest. A very peaceful and beautiful place to visit for. If someone is visiting Darjeeling, they should visit this naturally beautiful place apart from its ghost stories.