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    Get rid of evil spirit at Saint Deoji Temple in Malajpur (Betul) Madhya Pradesh
    Category: Religious | Posted :Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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    Get rid of evil spirit at Saint Deoji Temple in Malajpur (Betul) Madhya Pradesh
    According to customary convictions and fictions, the ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased human being or animal that can appear invisible or visible form in front of the living beings.
    Ghost busting or exorcism is the centuries-old practice to get rid of the evil spirits. In India, many Ghostbusting centers are existing, but here, I want to share a brief reference of Saint Deoji Temple. This temple is located at Malajpur (Betul), Madhya Pradesh in India that is almost 300 km from the Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.
    Saint Deoji Temple organizes a special fair for getting rid of evil spirits. People from all strata of society participate in this fair. This temple has the astounding effect on the people for the last 300 years. Many people reported that they felt relieved and succeeded in forcing out the evil spirit from their body. One such staunch believer was Dharmati Bai, who visited the temple during the fair for exorcism. She was given the hard beating by the temple priest with a broom. She believed that the temple priest had an exclusive power to cure her ailment. I think it has been just a psychological effect and nothing else.
    It is not at all palatable that after 67 years of Independence of India, people believe in ghost busting. Even localities also claim that the temple authorities are playing with the emotions and faith of the innocent people.
    I think people should not misuse of their time and money in these ghost busting centers rather they should visit the medical centers to have the proper cure of their ailment.