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Haunted Dumas Beach, Gujarat
Category: Religious | Posted :Friday, January 15, 2016

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Haunted Dumas Beach, Gujarat
Dumas Beach is among the top haunted places in India. Located 21 km southwest of Surat city in the Indian state of Gujarat. This beach is a very popular tourist destination in South Gujarat. Surat has many beautiful beaches, and Dumas Beach is one of them. A very well growing and developing state with beautiful locations is also famous for its ghost stories. People usually don't believe when they heard about the ghost on the beach. But for all the answers you have to spend a night at this haunted beach.
According to the history of this beach, this was initially the 'Hindu Burial Ground and this is the reason for its ghost stories. People believe that this beach is surrounded by dead people’s soul. In the Hindu religion, it is believed that the people who died at an early age or some accident, their soul do not get peace and these souls disturb people. It is also said that black colour of its sand is due to the ashes of the deceased, which is mixed with sand and now the colour of the sand is black. This place becomes very sad and lonely during the night, and also full of ghosts. No one wants to visit this place in the late evening.  Dumas beach is also known to be the beach of spirits, those spirits who did not found eternal peace and roam on this beach.
People heard of whispering sounds like some unknown force wants to talk to them. Dogs behave differently and bark a lot while visiting this beach. Paranormal touch is high at this place and due to mysterious activities, people are scared of Dumas Beach. All these stories make this beach haunted and scary. Think twice before visiting this beach in the late evening. As per the beliefs, you won't like the experience at night.