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    Haunted place in Delhi Cantonment
    Category: Religious | Posted :Friday, January 15, 2016

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    Haunted place in Delhi Cantonment
    Delhi cantonment is known to be the scariest haunted sites in the capital. As per the huge belief, Delhi Cantonment is haunted by a woman adorned in the white sari, she used to be Hitch Hiking here for decades. 
    According to people, the lady in white Sari A type of an Indian dressasks people for random lift. And if someone stops the car or bike, then she does not say anything to that person. But if someone does not stop the vehicle, she starts running with the speed of vehicle until the end of the Delhi cantonment area.
    Why this white sari woman roams and chases people in Delhi Cantonment area?
    There are always different stories behind such haunted places, and it's hard to believe which one is true.
    According to people, she was one of the unfortunate girls who was raped in the car and thrown away on the Delhi Cantonment road. After the horrifying incident, this girl asked for help from many passing cars and bikes, but no one bothered to help her. She died in this sad incident, and her soul roams in Delhi Cantonment area, even today seeking for help. 
    Another story about this white sari woman says that, once she found her husband cheating on her. They had a lot of fight and out of temper; she killed her two children with her own hands. And then, she committed suicide. But the shame and guilt of her deeds did not let her spirit enter in her own house. And now she is stuck in the Delhi Cantonment as a lost soul. Anyone who asks direction to her ends up getting lost for the entire night.
    Apart from these ghost stories, people are strictly advised not to stop their vehicle if someone asks for a lift in this area. Due to such incidents, this place has become one of the most haunted places in India.