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Haunted Sanjay Van
Category: Religious | Posted :Monday, January 11, 2016

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Haunted Sanjay Van
Located near Qutab Institutional Area (near vasant kunj New Delhi) a vast stretch about 10 kms is a place commonly called as, Sanjay van known to be one of the haunted places in Delhi. There are several majaars of saints in the middle of Sanjay van. According to visitors they have experienced strange activities in this area. They have heard children crying badly like somebody is unscrupulously thrashing them hard. People have also felt someone chasing them and felt an absurd touch by a foreign body. Mostly, people experience such unexpected and unusual events and things when they visit Sanjay Van alone. 
Another popular ghost of Sanjay van is a lady in white saree. She is popular because many people encounter bad experience with this lady. Some of them have seen her in the middle of the road walking alone; some have seen her asking for lift. Many people have witnessed this lady sitting and crying near Sanjay van in middle of night and that's what makes it scarier for people to visit Sanjay van in the night. Nearby people have reported of hearing strange sounds while passing through Sanjay van. Many people have a fear of passing through Sanjay van in night on the other hand, there are people who did experience anything haunted during their morning walk in Sanjay van. Sanjay van is full of people in morning time; many come here and exercise, do yoga and spend quality time here. And yet, spirits hover around here. Such stories always make human to rethink about supernatural powers. Whether ghost really exists or not that remains a question for us.
For finding all the queries we have to believe in both forces good and bad, and only then we can find our answers to such unsolved mysteries.