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Haunted Stories Behind Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque
Category: Religious | Posted :Friday, January 15, 2016

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Haunted Stories Behind Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque
The archaeological site from the time of Mughals just next to Qutab Minar is Jamali Kamali mosque. Built in 1528-29, is located in Mehrauli Archaeological Park Delhi. This structure comprises of two monuments located side by side one being the mosque and the other being the tomb of two people who go by the name of Jamali Kamali.
Jamali word is Urdu; it originate from Jamal which means beauty. Jamali was the pseudonym given to Shaikh Fazlullah, also known as Jalal Khan, a renowned Sufi saint who lived during the pre-Mughal dynasty. His poetry came to India during the rule of Sikandar Lodhi(ruled 1489-1517 Ad). Jamali became very popular with his work. People became his fans due his beautiful poetry and work. Even though when Mughals conquered India, Jamali was given place in the court of Babar and Humayun till their death. 
And if we talk about Kamali it's a complete mystery for people not many people knows about Kamali.  Many people say Kamali was a servant, some believe he was a poet, but no one knows the reality behind the identity of Kamali.
There are different haunted stories behind this Jamali Kamali mosque. Many people believe that Jinn resides in this mosque. Many people have felt paranormal activities at this place. Some have felt as if someone is standing near them and staring at them. People are also getting slapped by an unseen force and scared of this mosque. Some scary shadow is also seen by many people.  People have also seen scary dreams after visiting this mosque. Dogs also behaved differently like chasing some undetectable force. 
Unlike all another haunted place this mosque is also popular among people for its ghost stories. There are no entry fees for visiting Jamali Kamali mosque. Many people visit this place while visiting Qutab Minar as it shares it's boundaries with Qutab Minar for more information one have to visit this place.