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House Number w-3 Haunted Place in Greater Kailash
Category: Religious | Posted :Saturday, March 19, 2016

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House Number w-3 Haunted Place in Greater Kailash

House Number w-3: A Haunted House in New Delhi

In one of the most posh localities of capital city(New Delhi) greater kailash house number w-3 is making stories for being haunted and for its paranormal activities. According to the story of this house, there lived
an old couple in this house. This old couple was brutally killed by a yoga guru who was also one of the most trusted person of this couple. This yoga guru murders them and buries them in the under ground water tank in the house and escapes the police. The reason behind this murder was the property of old couple which this yoga guru wants on any cost. After this unfortunate incident no one came to claim the house and it was left deserted. Since then this unclaimed house has become one of the famous haunted places in delhi.
Nearby residents complains that they have heard screaming voice in middle of night. Many people also claims that they have seen shadow in the house. Soon this house was declared haunted by people. Although police denied such stories and it " a self created phobia". No one have ever proved the presence of any kind of ghost in the house. 
People feels that this house is filled with very stronge negative energy because such brutal murder took place in this house. Everyone believes that this house is haunted and no one wants to buy this house.
No one knows after the old couple murder where this yoga guru vanished. This house remained unoccupied and thus attracting number of visitors who would came curious to have a look at this famous landmark.