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The Haunted Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavla Maharashtra
Category: Religious | Posted :Monday, May 16, 2016

Avg. Rating: 5/ 5

The Haunted Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavla Maharashtra


Raj Kiran Hotel – Haunted Hotel in Lonavla


Commonly you have heard various haunted stories and seen in the movies that there are some places where scary things occur. Maximum of them has some hideous stories behind, in which one thing is common – someone is dead hereabouts hundreds of years ago and their souls are haunting over there.
The Raj Kiran Hotel is one of those places where the paranormal activities exists. This is not a five star hotel unlike others. The residents of the particular room in this hotel claimed to have their bed sheets pulled over when they slept. It made them extremely terrified. Some comers felt a ray of blue light near their feet when they woke up at midnight. This room is vested just behind and at the corner of the reception on the ground floor. 
Due to these uncommon activities, the management stopped renting out such rooms and kept it vacant.