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Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...

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The guardian deity of Hindus, also known as the Ganapati (The God of all groups) is the son of Lord Shiva ...

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Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..

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According to Hinduism, the whole creation is the work of Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity)...

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SRI HANUMAN is worshipped everywhere in India, alone...

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    Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who is regarded as the ultimate deity of wealth...


    Adi Lakshmi

    A group of eight Hindu deities who preside over eight sources of wealth are collectively...


    Dhanya Lakshmi

    The term ‘Dhanya’ means grains, thus Dhanya Lakshmi is the grain...


    Dhairya Lakshmi

    Ashta Lakshmi is a group of eight Goddesses who all are incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi


    Gaja Lakshmi

    Gaja Lakshmi is one of the eight Ashta Lakshmi who is the giver of animal wealth...


    Santana Lakshmi

    Santana Lakshmi is one of the eight incarnations of Lakshmi...


    Vijaya Lakshmi

    The term ‘Vijaya’ means Victorious and Vijaya Lakshmi provides or rather...


    Vidya Lakshmi

    Vidhya Lakshmi belongs to the group of Ashta Lakshmi. Like other incarnations...


    Dhana Lakshmi

    The word ‘Dhana’ means money thus making Dhana Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth...