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  • Father
  • Mother
  • Wife
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Son
    • Pradyumna
    • Carudesna
    • Sudesna
    • Carudeha
    • Sucaru
    • Carugupta
    • Bhadracaru
    • Carucandra
    • Vicaru
    • Caru
    • Bhanu
    • Subhanu
    • Svarbhanu
    • Prabhanu
    • Candrabhanu
    • Bhanuman
    • Brhadbhanu
    • Atibhanu
    • Sribhanu
    • Pratibhanu
    • Samba
    • Sumitraa
    • Purujit
    • Satajit
    • Sahasrajit
    • Vijaya
    • Citraketu
    • Vasuman
    • Dravida
    • Kratu
    • Vira
    • Candra
    • Asvasena
    • Citragu
    • Vegavan
    • Vrsa
    • Ama
    • Sanku
    • Vasu
    • Kunti
    • Praghosa
    • Gatravan
    • Simha
    • Bala
    • Prabala
    • Urdhvaga
    • Mahasakti
    • Saha
    • Oja
    • Aparajita
    • Vrka
    • Harsa
    • Anila
    • Grdhra
    • Vardhana
    • Unnada
    • Mahamsa
    • Pavana
    • Vahni
    • Ksudhi
    • Sangramajit
    • Brhatsena
    • Sura
    • Praharana
    • Arijit
    • Jaya
    • Subhadra
    • Vama
    • Ayur
    • Satyaka

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About Krishna

Krishna – The God of Love and Leadership

Krishna is one of the most revered Hindu gods and is considered as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. The name “Krishna” is derived from the Sanskrit language that translates to “dark or dark blue”. That is why he is generally shown to have black or dark blue skin. There are innumerable Vedic and religious references, texts and scriptures belonging to prehistoric times associated with the deity. He is worshipped in many forms like an infant, a lover, a teacher and a supreme God by his devotees. KrishnaKrishnaKrishna
It is described that there are three aspects of the Supreme that must...
is one of the most popular and widely worshipped gods of not only India but the whole world.


There are various depictions of Krishna, which portray the deity in various stages of his life. As an infant, he is shown as a very cute baby eating butter from an earthen pot or having a laddoo. Butter and laddoo are considered as his favorite food items. He is also sometimes shown stealing butter from houses. He is called Bala Krishna, Gopala or Ladoo Gopala in his child form. As a grown up, he is shown as a very handsome young man with black or dark blue skin, wearing a silk dhoti with a flute in his hand. He is always shown wearing a peacock feather crown. The flute and the feather are regarded as the symbols of Krishna by his worshippers. He is generally shown surrounded by cows, signifying his role as a great herdsman, along with some villagers and gopies. In this form, he is regarded as the symbol of love and beauty. As a teacher and the supreme leader, he is depicted as a very wise and brave man providing guidance to Arjuna. The aforementioned depiction is usually in context to the Hindu epic Mahabharata. In many temples, he is shown in a standing posture along with his brother BalaramaBalaramaBalarama
Balarama is considered to be the joint incarnation of Vishnu, along with Krishna...
and sister Subhadra or his chief queens RukminiRukminiRukmini
Also known as Ruciranana (meaning one with a beautiful face) and Vaidarbhi, Rukmini is the wife of Lord Krishna..
and Satyabhama.

Life of Krishna

Legends state that when mother earth was not able to bear the sins of the world, she went to VishnuVishnuVishnu
Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
in the form of a cow and asked for his help. Vishnu then told her that he would soon take birth on the earth and free her from the unbearable sins. Meanwhile, there was a very cruel and wicked person called Kansa. He imprisoned his father Ugrasena He was the king of Mathura. His policy was to unite the divided kingdom. He had great skills in warfare but he was very humble and generous. He also had great tactics regrading domestic and foreign policy. He was married to queen Padmavati. His father was Ahuka. He was dethroned by Kansa and his evil plans. Kansa was later defeated by Krishna and Ugrasena was given his throne back. and ascended to his throne forcefully. Kansa was a very selfish and barbaric king who always thought of his own welfare. Kansa was maternal uncle of Krishna. Before Krishna’s birth, he imprisoned his father VasudevaVasudevaVasudeva
Vasudeva, in Hindu mythology, the patronymic of the deity Krishna, who, according to one tradition, was a son of Vasudeva. The worshipers of Vasudeva, or Krishna, formed one...
and mother DevakiDevakiDevaki
In Hinduism, Devaki is the wife of Vasudeva and mother of Krishna. She was the mother of the Devas. Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned by her brother, Kamsa or Kansa...
in a cell. This was due to a prophecy that was given to him by a divine voice that stated that Kansa would be killed by the eighth child of Devaki. With time, Kansa killed six of the children that were born to the couple to be completely sure that no child of his sister was alive. When Devaki became pregnant for the seventh time, she had a miscarriage. However, the reality was that her womb was secretly transferred to Rohini, Vasudeva’s first wife, who gave birth to Balarama. After some time, Devaki gave birth to Krishna, who was, in essence, her eighth child. Since Vasudeva He was the father of Krishna. He was the brother of Nanda Baba who fostered Krishna because of the fear of Kransa. He is considered as an incarnation of Sage Kashyapa. The name Vasudeva is a compound of two words, ‘Vasu’ meaning good and ‘Deva’ meaning deity. He was a good deity. He was married to Devaki who was the sister of Kansa. All his children were killed by Kansa and he was kept in prison for years, along with his wife. knew that his child’s life was in danger, he secretly took Krishna out of the prison cell and gave him to his foster parents Yashoda and Nanda. It is believed that on the day of Krishna’s birth the doors of the cell opened automatically by the grace of gods. Later Krishna’s sister Subhadra was born to Rohini.

Krishna was brought up in the community of the cow herders as his foster-father Nanda was its head. As a child, he used to play many mischievous pranks and jokes on people and sued to steal butter from houses. However, he was also the protector and savior of his people. He killed many demons and saved the people of his village. Krishna also provided spiritual knowledge and education to the people. He was against the orthodox and useless rituals and ceremonies. It is believed that people of Vrindavan It is an important Hindu pilgrimage site where Krishna spent his childhood days. Mathura- It is a city in North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the birthplace of Krishnaused to celebrate a festival in honor of their king Indra, the king of gods and the heaven. People were supposed to offer their prayers and pay respect to the deity for providing them with rains that were essential for their agriculture. However, Indra became very proud of his position as the king and considered himself as the ruler and a true master of the whole world. Krishna was able to sense it very quickly and came up with a plan to make Indra realize about his true position. He told everyone in Vrindavana to start celebrating and worshipping mount Govardhan instead of Indra. He made them believe that it was actually Govardhan who provided the people with its fertile soil for agriculture and abundant grass for their cows and bulls to graze that helped them to obtain plenty of milk and also to plough the lands. Upon listening to his arguments, the people agreed and decided to worship and offer prayers to Govardhan instead of Indra on the day of that particular festivity. This made Indra very upset and, enraged with fury, he decided to make the people of Vrindavana pay the price for their disrespect towards him. He wanted them to worship him as their true master. As a result, he started to punish them with massive thunderstorms and torrential rains. This created a lot of trouble for the residents of Vrindavana. Assessing the situation, Krishna lifted Mount Govardhana on his little finger of his left hand and provided shelter to the people under it from the wrath of Indra. This made Indra even angrier, and he increased the intensity of his thunderstorms and rains manifold. The people of Vrindavana faced Indra’s rage for a continuity of seven days. Nevertheless, they remained protected under the mount. Realizing his failure, Indra accepted his defeat and surrendered. He came down to Vrindavana from heaven and bowed down before Krishna asking for forgiveness.

Krishna was a great flute player and used to captivate and mesmerize everyone with his music. He was the provider of fun and entertainment for the masses as everyone used to forget everything else and started to dance and sing whenever he used to play his flute. His playfulness is considered as one of the most important concepts of Hinduism. The river Yamuna holds a great significance as it is believed that Krishna used to play on the river bank along with his friends. When Krishna grew up to be a young man he killed his evil uncle Kansa and freed everyone from his tyranny. He also freed Ugrasena and restored the kingship to him. During this time, he also became good friends with the Pandavas. During the great war of Kurukshetra, It is one of the many cities of Haryana which has a huge historical significance. The fight between Kauravas and Pandavas, depicted in Mahabharata, was fought on the grounds of Kurukshetra. Bhagavad Gita was also preached here by Krishna to Arjuna. The land is also known as Dhamakshetra. he assumed the position of the guide, teacher and charioteer of Arjuna. He provided him the teachings and supreme knowledge of Bhagavad Gita It is a Hindu scripture of 700 verse, teaching the concept of Dharma (righteousness)and led Arjuna to victory. Krishna played a pivotal role in the battle and had the greatest influence on its consequences.

It is believed that once upon a time there was a demon named Narakasura He was the son of earth Goddess, Bhudevi who became a demon in association with another demon named Banasurawho was a son of Bhudevi and ruler of Pradyoshapuram kingdom. He used to worship BrahmaBrahmaBrahma
According to Hinduism, the whole creation is the work of Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity)...
with great devotion. One day, Brahma was pleased by his prayers and granted him the boon that he could not be killed by anyone but only his mother, Bhudevi. As a result, Narakasura became very powerful and used to stand undefeated in battles. However, with great power came a massive ego and darkness in his heart. He began to create troubles for everyone from human beings to demigods. He used to capture beautiful young women from earth and angels from heaven and imprisoned sixteen thousand of them in his harem. Moreover, any effort in resistance always went in vain. At a certain point of time, he even defeated Indra and captured the heaven and threw him out of his throne. As a result, everyone prayed to Krishna to help them and rescue them from their misery. Then Krishna came forward to help them and began fighting the demon. He asked his wife to come in the battlefield as the driver of his chariot. However, due to the boon, Krishna was not able to defeat Narakasura. He then attacked Krishna with an arrow on which Krishna pretended to be unconscious after being hit by it. This made SatyabhamaSatyabhamaSatyabhama
She is considered to be the incarnation of Mother earth. Satyabhama's father Satrajit owned a divine jewel called syamantaka. Krishna told Satrajit to send the jewel to...
furious, and she picked up a bow and attacked Narakasura with an arrow and that single strike killed him. Krishna then got up and told her that she was able to kill the demon because Satyabhama One of the wives of Krishna who is an incarnation of earth Goddess. She was very strong willed and helped Krishna in defeating a demon named Narakasurawas a reincarnation of his mother, Bhudevi. To provide shelter and a reputable position in the society, Krishna married all the captured women. In this way, Krishna had eight princely wives, also known as Ashtabharya - Rukmini, Satyabhama, JambavatiJambavatiJambavati
Jambavati, a patronymic, means daughter of Jambavan. Sridhara, a commentator on the Bhagavata Purana, identifies her with Krishna's wife Rohini. However, another commentator...
, NagnajitiNagnajitiNagnajiti
She was the daughter of Nagnajita of Kosala, the king Nagnajit had taken a vow of giving his daughter's hand in marriage to whoever tames his 7 bulls...
, KalindiKalindiKalindi
She was the daughter of Nagnajita of Kosala, the king Nagnajit had taken a vow of giving his daughter's hand in marriage to whoever tames his 7 bulls and puts noose on them successfully...
, MitravindaMitravindaMitravinda
She was a cousin of Sri Krishna, her brothers wanted her to marry Duryodhana and arranged for a Swayamvara, but they had not invited Krishna and Balarama...
, BhadraBhadraBhadra
The Bhagavata Purana gives her the epithet Kaikeyi, the princess of the Kaikeya kingdom. She was the daughter of King Dhrishtaketu and his wife Shrutakirti, the sister...
, Lakshana, and the other sixteen thousand women who were held captive by Narakasura.

Worship, Beliefs and Significance

Krishna is believed to one of the most mesmerizing and lovely deities of the world. The festival of Krishna Janmashtami associated with his birth is celebrated with great zeal and passion throughout the world. On the day of the festival, devotees wake up early in the morning and take a vow to observe fast for the whole day. They sing songs and chant mantras associated with Krishna the whole day. Devotees and worshippers offer butter, milk, laddoo, flowers and fruits to the deity. When the clock strikes midnight, people celebrate the birth of Krishna with great fervor and then break their fasts. Krishna symbolizes love, leadership, wisdom and righteousness one must cultivate in one’s life.



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