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About Shani

Shani- Lord of Saturday

Shani, literally means the one who moves very slowly and it is true as the planet Saturn, represented by Shani, takes 30 years to revolve around the sun. Thus he is also known as Shanaishchara. His other names include Asita, Saptarchi and Kruradris. ShaniShaniShani
Shani, literally means the one who moves very...  
also means seventh and Saturn is the seventh planet in the planetary system and Saturday, the seventh day of the week according to Hindu calendar is also governed by him.

Shani’s Legacy

Shani is the son of Lord Ravi (the Sun God) and his wife Chaya, thus named as Chayyaputra. It is believed that when Shani first opened his eyes, his father went into eclipse. He is the brother of YamaYamaYama
Also known as Yamaraja, Yama is the controller of the hell (Naraka)...
(the Hindu God of death) and both the brothers govern the deeds done by humans. Shani punishes or blesses them in present life and Yama take care of them after death. They both are known for their fair judgment skills. Shani oversees the dungeons of human heart and knows the dangers residing in one’s soul. People misunderstand the concept of judgment and feel that Shani can only pass on miseries but he is very benevolent to his true devotees and never takes a wrong decision. He punishes and rewards based on one’s karma Karma are the good or bad deeds one performs in his life, according to which he/she receives(deeds).


Shani is depicted in black color. He has dark complexion and wears black clothes. He holds sword, arrows and two daggers in his hands. He rides a crow which stands for two things. On one hand it represents harm and bad luck which a person might suffer if Shani is placed at a wrong place in his kundli (horoscope). On the other hand, crow is also a scavenger and eats up the dead organisms symbolizing that Shani cleans the face of the earth and punishes people who try to earn name and fame through cheating, backstabbing and any other wrong mean.

He is associated with all the seasons. The direction attributed to him is West and the element, metal, gemstone and food related to him are air, iron, blue Sapphire and sesame respectively. Worshippers pray to him for integrity, wisdom, fame, authority, justice, honesty and sincerity. Praying to Shani also dispel dangerous ghosts and make life more harmonious and peaceful. If Shani gets angry then it can lead to miseries, sorrows, disappointment, rejection and difficulties in both personal and professional life. He is the greatest teacher and teaches the path of righteousness. He symbolizes the ethic of hard work.

Ways to Please Shani

If things are not going right in one’s life then sages and priests consider it as the bad influence of Shani and to appease him, one can offer water to Peepal tree (sacred fig). People can also keep fasts on Saturdays and should wear a blue sapphire. One can feed white flour to black ants and wear only black clothes on that day. Donating clothes and food to poor will also prove beneficial. Shani was a true devotee of Lord ShivaShivaShiva
Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
(one of the Supreme God of Hindus, also known as the destroyer). Thus Shiva can also be worshipped to please Shani.


The most important temple built in the name of Shani is Shani Shingnapur Shani ShingnapurShani Shingnapur
Shani Shingnapur is a popular small town situated at an approximate distance of 35km from the city of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The village holds a significant position
and is located in Maharashtra, India. The black stone that is prayed in this temple is considered to be Swayambhu (one that itself emerged from earth, self-evolved deity). People believe so much in the power of Shani in the nearby villages that they do not even have doors in their houses and keep nothing in lockers. They believe that nothing can go wrong in front of the just eyes of Shani. The other temples devoted to his name are Thirunallar Sri Shaneeshwara Koil in Tamil Nadu, India and Shani Devaalayam in Deonar, India.


Andhra Pradesh


Sri Shani Skahti Dham Temple, largest 20 ft statue at Yerdanur is a small village located about four kilometres from the Mumbai National Highway surrounded by tribal people got itself a permanent place in the books of Andhra Pradesh and may be India - "The Hindu"


shani temple at panchagama near narayankhed at medak district with about 9 feet idol is very famous temple


Sri Shaniswar Devalayam,plot No. 35, Munaganoor,Hayatnagar mandal Hyderabad 501511, Mobile No. 93935 84460. Just 2 km from Hayatnagar Bus stand out-skirts of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


Sri Mandeswara (Shaneeswara) Swamy Temple, Mandapalli, Kothapeta Mandal, East Godavari district


Sri Saneeswaralayam, Veerannapalem, Parchur mandal, Prakasam District


Sri Shaneeswara Temple, near Tirupathi bus stand, Tirupathi


Lord Shani shwara Temple, Wargal, 50 km from Hyderabad, Kareemnagar Road


Lord Shanishwara temple, Enkkatala,Mominpet Mandal,Ranga Reddy Dist.20KM from Shankarpally to Mominpet road,60 km From Hyderabad.Direct Bus from Dilsukhnagar and MGBS Towards Bantaram or Panchalingala


Lord Shanishwara temple, Near Bus stand, Opposite to Park, Vijayawada


Lord Shani Temple/Parwathi Parmeshwar Temple, Mandapur, Kondapur Mandal, Medak Dist. 15 km From Sangareddy X Road, 70 km From Hyderabad Cont. Head Priest Parmeshwar Swamy Mobile No. 91-9704971825


Lord shanishwara temple & lord shiva temple at koppolu near pedda shakarampet, medak dist.


Lord shanishwara temple, Nandiwademani village is located about 5 km from Bijinepalli, Nagarkarnool Mandal, Mahaboob Nagar Dist. about 35 km away from Mahaboob Nagar Town. This is the only Shani temple in the country having 7 ½ feet idol of the God. The idol has been installed along with Jwestha Devi on a vehicle is a very attractive.




Sri Shani Temple, Hathla, Jamnagar District


Kumbheshwar – Shri Sani Mandir (Nani Moti Panoti) at Jiorpati, Near Rajpipla, NarmadaNarmadaNarmada
The Narmada means 'Magnificent Mother'. The word ‘nar’ means sweet as in fragrance and ‘matha’ means mother. The holy river Narmada is the embodiment of Goddess Narmada


Shani Mandir, Padra Village, Vadodara District


Shani Mandir, Jakatnaka (Near Palanpur Patia), Surat District


Shani Mandir, Unava-Unjha Highway, Village - Unava, Ta.- Unjha, District Mehsana. North Gujarat.


Himachal Pradesh


Sri Shaneeswara Temple, Kangra




Sri Shani Mandir, Hinoo Chowk, Ranchi-2, Ranchi


Sri Shani Mandir, Kishorganj Chowk, Bypass Road, Ranchi




Bhagawan Shree Shaneshwara Swamy Temple situated in Sy no 2/15 of Thirupalya, Bommasandra Post, Jigani Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore Urban Dist, Karnataka - 560099.


Shree ShaniMahatma Temple, Devasandhra, KR Puram, Bangalore- 560036 [Land Mark: Near to More Shop]


Sree Shanimaharaj & Jai HanumanHanumanHanuman
SRI HANUMAN is worshipped everywhere in India, alone...
Temple, Bayanapalya Thipsandra, Thalaghatapura post, Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore 560062


Shree Anugraha Shanishchara Temple, Manjunath Nagar, Near 8th Mile, Opp Parle Factory, Tumkur Highway, Bangalore


Shree Shanaishchara Temple, near Old Airport, Sri Kateel Temple Road, Bajpe, Mangalore


Sri Shani Dev Temple, DR Rajkumar Road, Near Navarang Theatre, Bangalore


Sri Shani Dev Temple, Near Milk Colony, Subramanyanagar, Bangalore


Sri Shani Dev Temple, Back Side of Banaglore City Railway, Bangalore


Sri Shanaischara Temple, Ramurthy Nagar, Bangalore 3 temples in and around Ramoorthy Nagar


Sri Shanaischara Temple, VijayaNagar, Chord Road, Bangalore


Sri Shanaishchara Temple, Kanasawadi (Madhure), Near Nelamangala


Sri Shanaishcara Temple, under Hebba flyover, Hebbal, Bangalore


Sri Shaneshwara, J P Nagar, Bangalore


Shree Shanaishchara Temple, 23 ft near Udupi Main road, Udupi


Sri Shaneeswara Swamy Temple, Nagapura Main Road, Mahalakshmipuram, Bangalore


Sri Shaneeswara Temple, Gunjur village, next to Varthur, Bangalore


Sri Shaneeswara Temple, Kannanmangala village, next to Belthur, Whitefield, Bangalore


Sri Shaneeswara Temple, near Savana Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore


Sri Shaneeswara Swamy Temple, Sultan Palya, Bangalore


Sri Shani Mahatma Temple, Pavagada, Tumkur District


Sri Shani Temple, Madivala, Bangalore


Sri Shanimahatma Temple, Rajendra Nagar, Mysore


Sri Shanimahatma Temple, Sayyajirao Road, Mysore


Sri Shanimahatma Temple, Foot of NandiNandiNandi
Nandi is one of the most iconic and famous characters of Hindu mythology. He is the vehicle of Shiva and also the gatekeeper of the abode of Shiva and Parvati. 
Hills, Karnataka


Sri Saneshwara Temple, Anekal, near Bangalore


Sri Saneshwara Temple, Attibele, near Bangalore


Sri Saneshwara Temple, Belthangadi, 2 km Dharmastala towards Mangalore


Sri Shaneeswara Swamy Temple, near Karur Corss P.B. Road Davangere


Sri Saneeshwara thandri devasthanam parandahalli KGF


Sri Saneshwara thandri devalayam Bangarpet, KGF


Sri Shanimahatma Temple, Thyagarajanagar, Bangalore


Sri Shanimahatma Temple, Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, Bangalore


Sri Amrutha Shaneshwara Swamy Temple, Nagendra Block, Bangalore


Sri Shaneshwara Swamy Temple, Muneshwara Block, Bangalore


Sri Shanaishchara Temple, Handarahalli, on the way to Budigere, Bangalore


Sri Sampath Shaneshwara Swamy Temple, near Sana College, P.B road, Hubli


Sri Shaneshwara Swamy Temple, Someshwara Near SDM Engineering College Dharwad,


Sri Kala Bhaireshwara Nilaya Basavangudi Bangalore – Phone 080-25922192 – Sri Vidyaragavan


Sri Saneeswara Temple, Dombarahatti, near Kunigal, Tumkur dist, Karnataka


Sri Shaneeshwara Temple, Beside TankBund, BH Road(NH-206), Arsikere, Hassan District




Sri Shaneeswara Ksheathram and the Navagraha Peedam, Kuruppumthara, Kanjirathanam P.O.Kottayam District, Kerala. This is unique and the only Kshetram in Kerala dedicated to Lord Shaneedev where he is a blessing God having Abhayahastham


Sri Saneeswara Temple,kasavanhalli Main Rd,Sarjapur Off Rd.


Sri Saneeswara Temple,sarjapur Main Rd


Madhya Pradesh


Sri Shani Mandir Tirth, Ujjain


Sri Shani Mandir Juni, Indore


Sri Shani Temple in Dist. Morena/Bhind, 27 km from Gwalior. This temple is said to have been constructed by Vikrmaditya.


Shani Mandir Juni is one of the oldest temples in the world. Temple is located in old city and it is believed it appeared a few decades ago from a well in Juni.




Shree Shaneeshwarara Temple, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, MaharashtraShani Dev Temple,Shani Shinganapur.


Mahakali Mandir, Chandrapur


Shri Shani Mandir,Manas Square,Station Road, Nagpur


Shri Shani Mandir Wagholi, Vasai Near Mumbai


Shri Shani Deva Though in Hinduism, Devas are considered Gods, in Jainism they are supernatural beings who are more powerful and happier than humans. They also live longer but are not worshipped. They cannot be seen by humans and can create illusions and can take various forms of loving beingsHanunman mandir,kurla railway station,


Sri Shani Temple, Titwala (E), near Titwala ganapati temple, "Sadguru Sauli" Nivas.


Sri Shani Temple, Uttan, Bhayander (E)


Sri Shani Temple, near Vithalwadi Rly Station, Kalyan


Sri Shani Kshetra Model Tirth Nandur Bar


Sri Shani Temple, Amalner, Chopada Road, Tal. Amalner, Dist. Jalgaon


Sri Shani Kshetra Nastanpur


Sri Shani Shingnapur, Nevasa, Ahmednagar district


Sri Shani Temple, Juhu, Mumbai


Sri Shani Temple, Meghwadi, Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai


Sri Shani Temple, Near Railway Station Thane (W)


Sri Shani and Hanuman Temple, Opp Thane Central Jail Thane (W)


Sri Shani and Hanuman Temple, Next Thane Main Post Office Thane (W)


Sri Shani Temple, Mandai Bhiwandi


Sri Shani Temple, Manpada Road, Shankeshwar Nagar, Dombivli, Mumbai Shaneshwar Sansthan, Dombivli


Sri Shani Temple, outside the Santacruz (W) BEST terminal, Mumbai


Sri Shani Temple, Tagore Nagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai


Sri Shaneeshwara Temple, Sanghani Estate, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai


Sri Shani Temple, Rakshasbhuvan, Ghat of Godavari River, Beed 431122, MS


Sri Shani Mandir, Panchavati


Sri Shani Temple,Shanipar,Bajirao Peshwe Marg, Pune


National Capital Territory of Delhi


Sri Shani Temple, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi


Sri Shani Temple, Chattarpur ChattarpurChattarpur
Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir or Chhatarpur Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Katyayani.
, New Delhi


Pracheen Durga and Shani Temple at Gautam Nagar near Gulmohar Enclave, New Delhi


Statue of Lord Shani at Shree Shanidham, twenty-one feet high, made of AshtadhatuShaniDham, Asola, Mehrauli, Delhi


Sri Shani Temple, Near Metro Rail Station, Chandnichowk, Delhi




Sri Shani Temple, Bhubaneswar




Sri Shani Tirth, Thirunallar




Sri Shani Temple, Ramgarh, Rajasthan


Sri Shani Temple, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan


Sri Shani Temple, Hathi Pole, Udaipur, Rajasthan


Tamil Nadu


Sri Saneeswarar Temple, Adambakkam, Chennai


Sri Vigneswara, Saneeswara, Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple, West Mambalam, Chennai


Sri Agastheeswaram, Pozhichalur, Chennai


Thirunallar Shree Saneeswarar Koil, Thirunallar


Sri Pongu Saneeswarar Koil, Thirukollikaadu near Tiruvarur


Sri Saneeswarar Bhagawan Koil, Kuchanur, 20 km from Theni


Sri Skandasramam, Saneeswarar Sannithi, Selayur, Chennai


Shri Sanineeladevi Temple, Arakkonam near Chennai


Shri Yoga Shaneeswarar Temple,Kalpattu,20kms from Villupuram


Shri Valeeswarar Aalayam,Koliyanur,10kms from Villupuram.Lord Shaneeswarar is facing south(Srilanka) and was built by King Vaali to gain victory over King Raavana.


Uttar Pradesh


Sri Shani Temple, SitaSitaSita
Sita is the most benevolent Goddess, who is known...
Ashram Road, Chandausi


Sri Shani Temple, Chunni Ganj, Kanpur


Sri Shani Temple, Kokilavan, Kosi


Sri Shani Temple, 13 km mile[clarification needed] Stone Agra on NH2, Agra Mathura Road, Runkuta, Agra


Sri Shani Temple, Dilshad Garden Border, Ghaziabad


Sri Shani Temple, Near Gang Nahar Bridge, Merrut road, Modi Nagar, Ghaziabad


Sri Shani Temple, Near Gang Towers, GangaGangaGanga
According to Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu in one of....
Nagar, Meerut


Sri Shani Temple, At bank of Gomti River, Devraha ghat, Lucknow


Sri Shani Temple, Old Hanuman Mandir (Near Yadav Loha Bhandar), Old Aliganj, Lucknow


Sri Shani Temple, At Kusphara, VishvaNath Ganj, Pratapgarh




Shani Dham, Vikasnagar (Near by Power Canal (an alley leads from Chakrata Road to the temple)), Dehradun


Shani Temple at Kokila Wan Kosi Kalan (KOSI) Mathura road



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