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  • Shreedhar Swami Maharaj

About Shreedhar Swami Maharaj

Swamiji's father Narayanrao Deglurkar (Patki) and mother Mrs. Kamalabai Deglurkar were from Deglur, a taluka place in Maharashtra. They had 3 children, Trimbak, Godavari and RenukaRenuka
Renuka is a Sanskrit word meaning fine grains of sand. She is also known as Yellamma, Mariamman and Ekvira....
. Govind died at an early age. The Deglurkar family was cursed by one Bramhan in the disguise of a cobra who was protecting them and was killed by one of their forefathers. While dying he said that your family will not survive for long. Narayanrao's parents had also died at an early age because of which Narayanrao had to face many difficulties during his lifetime. With this curse in mind and the death of Govind Mrs. Kamalabai got worried and sought the advice of one of the senior Bramhans who said that the Bramhan who had cursed the family also had given a solution that a great man will be born in the family who will remain a Sanyasi and because of whom your whole clan will be washed out of all their sins and the whole world will also be benefited by his preaching, but for this to happen you will have to go to Gangapur and get the blessings of Shree Dattguru.

So they went to Gangapur and started reading the Gurucharitra repeatedlyfor days together. One fine morning Shree Dattguru himself appeared before them and gave them a sacred coconut to be eaten by both of them and blessed that your wishes will be fulfilled. The prayers had been answered and Mrs. Kamalabai got pregnant. Her mother took her to Chincholi, which is near Gangapur to her other daughter's place for delivery. After 9 months she gave birth to a son on the very day that Shree Dattguru was born in the year 1908. This was a clear indication that the son was a reincarnation of Shree Dattguru himself. Mrs. Kamalabai knowing all this was overjoyed. He was baptised as 'Shreedhar' on the 12th day of birth but because of her tremendous love for him she used to call him 'Raja' (The King).

When Shreedhar was 3 years old he lost his father and to add to his mother's woes he suffered an attack of small pox. But because of his mother's immeasurable love and caring and his own divine power even at that young age, he came out of it. Then started his schooling at Hyderabad's 'Vivekvardhini' school. He again fell seriously ill with some strange illnesss but again recovered from that, but because he had lost a lot of days at school he feared that he may fail in the examinations. Then his mother told him to constantly chant the name of Bhagwan Ram and with that he will secure first rank in the school. He solemnly started doing that so much so, that he finally did not do any studies at all and all the time chanted the name of Ram. On the day of examination he went without reading anything and to the surprise of everybody he answered every question so nicely that he did secure first rank! Right from that moment onwards he knew that anything in this world can be achieved by simply chanting the name of Bhagwan Ram.

There was an ashram of Shree Narayan Maharaj who was a great disciple of Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami, near his home. Shreedhar used to go there daily with his mother. There was a large portrait of Shree Samarth in the ashram. Shreedhar used to sand in front of it glued to it and constantly chanting the name of Ram (Hereinafter referred to as Ramnam Jap). He even demanded a 108 beaded sacred thread for Ramnam Jap. He became obsessed with Ram and fully believed even at that tender age that Ram will pull one out of any situation if one had total faith in him; so much so, that once an elderly man sarcastically told him to jump in to a lake, knowing that he could not swim saying, I will see how your Ram saves you!. Without thinking for a moment he ran to jump but his brother and colleagues caught up with him and held him firmly to prevent him from jumping. Mind you this he did at the age of 6 years! He then started praying at all the temples in Hyderabad. Then his Threading ceremony was done. Around his house were the temples of Shree Shankar, Dattguru with the sacred tree of Dattguru and HanumanHanuman
SRI HANUMAN is worshipped everywhere in India, alone...
. He started the ceremonial worship daily in these temples.

He had a photogenic memory and could remember and recite even the most difficult Sanskrit prayers. All this was a God gift and was the culmination of the spiritual environment at his home. Just after Shreedhar entered the second decade of his life he lost his elder brother Trimbak. He was dumbfounded but his mother was inconsolable. Trimbak was not only the lone earning member of the family but a very loving and kind person. Shreedhar waited for some period but then could not afford to see his mother's incessant cry. He suddenly went to her and belying his age started talking to her, Why are you weeping? The soul which we loved and have now lost was in effect neither born nor has died. This body is made of elements. Birth is combination of these elements by the Ultimate Soul.

Death means separation of these elements and merging of them in the Ultimate Soul. The Ultimate Soul never dies. When the soul inside the body leaves it we declare the body as dead. But the soul inside migrates to another body. So what is lost at the time of death is just the elements and not the soul which we love. Therefore this crying is not justifiable. One who knows that the Ultimate Soul is indestructible gets freed from this cycle of birth and death. One who does not know this keeps gyrating in this cycle. The Ultimate Soul is the only truth; rest is all but an illusion. With this knowledge I am sure you will stop weeping and will be happy again.

His mother and others, who were listening, just could not believe that a 10 year old boy was saying all this. From that moment onwards not only his mother but Shreedhar also were sort of metamorphosed. Then within a year his beloved sister Godavari also died, but it did not affect either Shreedhar or his mother much as now they were endowed with the real spiritual knowledge. His mother nevertheless was fed up with all this and wanted to leave this world, her only worry being Shreedhar who was just about 11 years old, but she knew from the day Shreedhar delivered that discourse that he was no common entity and needed nobody's support.

While on death bed and death approaching, she called Shreedhar by her side and asked him to treat all women in the world as his mother to uplift the state of womanhood she said this had to be done by some one to set an example in front of the world. She said that if you follow my wish our clan would end; but I am purposefully asking for it as I know; only you can do it. This is my last wish and I am sure you will not let me down. Soon she died with Shreedhar's hand in hers. Can by any stretch of imagination one find a mother and a son like these! That too about 100 years ago? No answer is needed. Such people are not born every day.

After the death of his mother Shreedhar was called by his aunt in whose home at Chincholi he was born and who had now shifted to Gulbarga, for his further education. Before that he first time read Shrimadbagwadgeeta, the cornerstone of Hindu philosophy. After reaching Gulbarga being spiritual minded he thought of leaving Gulbarga as the love and affection of his aunt, he thought could have proven a hindrance in his spiritual progress. For spiritual progress he knew that he should also have the best education and hence he proposed to his aunt that he may be permitted to go to Pune to pursue his further education. His aunt agreed as Pune that time was known all over India as one of the best places for education. Through contacts he was admitted to an orphanage. Over there he used to do all the work allotted to him and even more than that, like serving the weak and taking care of the sick children.

In that orphanage itself he was affectionately called as Swami. Who knew that time that he really would become one! Because of his relentless work finally he himself fell sick. Then he decided to move out to another place where he started a new life. Most of his time was devoted to Ramnam Jap and prayers, but he was equally good in studies in Bhave School. In the tradition which all Bramhans follow and by the Shree Samarth tradition Shreedhar started to beg for his meals at 5 homes each day. He was many times humiliated but because of his nature of never disrespecting anyone his humiliators also fell in love with him. On the other hand there were others who were constantly forcing him to eat at their place but he refused politely.

In Hindu tradition a Bramhan even if he is rich is supposed to beg for his food at 5 homes daily and eat whatever he gets or nothing if he doesn't get any. Because of his loving and caring nature his new residence was now open to all poor and downtrodden students, for whom also he begged and as he had some money with him left by his parents he helped them by paying for their fees and books. This way he lost all his money and then served in a cloth store for some period for his poor colleagues, but by now he strongly started feeling that the time to leave all this and further pursue his spiritual path had come.

By this time he was respected by one and all and everyone started calling him 'Swami'. He now started his endeavour in pursuit of the God by getting rid of all organic pleasures. He started to dispose all his money to the poor and the remaining he just threw. He liked a particular sweet dish, so he bought it, kept it in front of the God and then took it away mixed the cow dung in it and ate it. The dish he so much liked now he could not even think about it. He met a person who was very religious and helpful Mr. Palnitkar during this period. Swami told him about his wish to pursue spirituality and asked for a place suitable for it.

Swami had in mind Sajjangad the place where Shree Ramdas Swami (Shree Samarth) had resided 300 years ago. Mr. Palnitkar also suggested Sajjangad. Swami decided to embark on the journey to Sajjangad on Vijayadashami (An auspicious day when Hindus prefer to start any new venture and the day on which Bhagwan Ram killed the devil Ravan). Whatever was left with him along with money he simply burnt it. On the day of departure to Sajjangad which was wedenesday he suddenly felt that he was going there to find out the creator of the universe who had control over the living, nonliving things and also time and space. He meditated for a while and then wrote on a paper.

will remain a bachelor to the core till death.

will not touch money, even if given forcefully to poor or for a good cause
will not become the head priest anywhere

will keep my needs to bare minimum

will not differentiate between men and women

will consider every woman as my mother

will spend my life for the benefit of society by all means

will try my best to revive the religion to make the world happy

For this I am hereby submitting my body to the God, now he is responsible to pull me out of the wrong track and put me on the right one, if it so happens. I am submitting this document to the sacred fire to reproduce it if the need be.


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