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Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology
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This is one of the ancient systems of calculating the effects of numbers in the cosmic zone and is based on the Hebrew’s mysticism. The Kabbalah numerology originated around 4,000 years ago and was developed further by a great scholar Abraham. The term ‘Kabbalah’ means oral tradition which signifies that the system that originated 2,000 BC was likely to be passed on by oral tradition before that.


According to the Kabbalah Numerology, it indicates that the weapon of knowledge emanates from the mind to analyse the basic features and inner self of an individual in order to receive salvation in life. The physical universe executes it’s role according to the array of laws governed by a spiritual system.


The Kabbalah number is calculated by taking into account the full name of a person (middle name also included) and adding the numeric value of each alphabet thereby dividing the double or triple digit number(without reducing) by 9. Then, the remainder is further added to 1 and hence, the remaining number becomes Kabbalah Number.


The numeric values in Kabbalah Numerology are assigned to each alphabet as presented below:




Significance of Kabbalah Number


After obtaining the resultant Kabbalah number, the energy is analysed behind the number to unveil the traits. The value includes:


  • Progression
  • Expansion
  • Love
  • Unfortunate
  • Creation
  • Fulfillment
  • Mystic
  • Good looking
  • Success


Many contemporary numerology experts consider Kabbalah Numerology for the analysis since it gives an accurate interpretation of events over characteristic traits of an individual. It enables to calculate Lucky Number, Lucky Colour, Health Number and Money number which have a major significance than personality traits.