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Karmic Numerology

Karmic Numerology
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Numerology is based on the foundation that people are spiritual beings and they follow a process of incarnation to evolve in their next birth towards higher state of awareness. During this evolutionary path of our incarnation, people go through various walks of life from learning world of wisdom to making mistakes in order to achieve a particular goal or task. To rectify the errors, people have to carry the weight of an additional burden to learn the lessons they failed to learn in previous lifetime! This forms the basic idea of Karmic Numerology


What is Karma?

Karma is a belief of what one reaps is what he sows. Therefore, it works on a mechanism of the deeds performed by an individual in his previous lifetime, basically, the reincarnation is synchronised with Karma thereby, applying the universal law of cause and effect. The soul of an individual is born and reborn, but each time, in a different body and soul which results in both, good Karma and bad Karma.


As they say, ‘What comes around goes around’. Therefore, the actions and belief of the people are righted with every incarnation. It is a belief that the people are responsible for their actions, whether right or wrong.


The idea that the whole process of life is connected with our actions and thoughts, Karma is just a device to teach the shortcomings and provide means of learning from the previous lifetime to gain a better understanding and rectify the errors.


Karma is further divided into two parts mainly;


  1. Karmic Debt
  2. Karmic Lesson


Karmic Debt:


The first type of Karma which indicates the kind of debt people accumulate, whether it’s a debt of abuse of love or power. On the same lines, numbers like 13, 14, 16, and 19 (karmic debt numbers) are about selfishness in love, power, work, or freedom in past lives, and indicate a total disregard for others, while the number 10 can be or cannot be a Karmic Debt Number.


The reason why number 10 is dicey is because it is a good Karmic Number. In the metaphysical sciences, we generally make use of Karmic Debt Numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19.


When we are calculating your Numerology chart, we may encounter the numbers 1, 4, 5 or 7. These single-digit numbers can be arrived at by adding a variety of two-digit numbers. For example, the number 1 can be derived by combining the double-digit numbers of 10 (1 + 0 = 1), 19, 28, 37, 46 all of which total to 10, and then reduce to 1. However, only in the case of 19 is a Karmic Debt indicated. Karmic Debts are also associated with the numbers 4, 5 and 7. These numbers can be preceded by an array of two-digit numbers as well, but when the 4 is preceded by a 13, the 5 is preceded by a 14 or the 7 by a 16, a Karmic Debt is also read as part of the single-digit interpretation.


Let’s concentrate on important Karmic Debt Numbers:


Karmic Debt Number 13

Those owning a Karmic Debt Number 13 are quite the frustrated beings that may undergo challenges to complete a particular task. This is mainly because of their lazy acts in previous lifetime followed by taking advantage of other people and so on.


It is extremely important for people born under Karmic debt Number 13 to accomplish their goals because they easily get de-motivated and give up due to a tough task. They should inculcate a sense of patience and determination with an icing of persevere to reach the zenith. Many successful businessmen, artists and athletics have a Karmic Debt Number 13.


Karmic Debt Number 14

The Karmic Debt Number 14 arises from their past lifetimes during which human freedom is abused. They face a great deal of difficulties to overcome the stress of ever-changing environment and settle themselves smoothly into the dynamic world altogether. This makes the people involved in all kinds of abuses of drugs or alcohol or overindulgence of food and sex.


It is important to establish emotional stability while maintaining orderliness to bring focus and clarity in goals and life. Flexibility and adaptability is at the very core of the struggle. Since you are expecting a lot of twists and turns in your life, yet you are not trying to deviate from the ultimate goal which stands you apart from the crowd.


Karmic Debt Number 16

The Karmic Debt Number 16 represents the fall of the old and birth of the new. It implies to self destruction; fall of the ego and a need to built for oneself, it is a process of cleansing. The Karmic Debt Number 16 undergoes challenges to the grand future plans and successfully destroys the ones you have already built. For instance, A self-destructive career choice or stupid act which ends the wonderful relationship.


The Karmic Debt Number 16 is a holy number which can act as a path of progress and towards spiritual alienation. Very less people are inclines towards the refinement of their intuitive powers and intellect, thus, look down upon others with a view to attain alienation and isolation from the world.


Karmic Debt Number 19

‘When no one walks with you, don’t be afraid to walk alone’ sums up the life and traits of people with a Karmic Debt Number 19. These people have to learn to use the power in a right way and might have to stand alone and face difficult situations . Difficulties can be overcome by personal struggle as they learn the right meaning of independence.


The weakness of these people is that they resist help and do not open up to the reality of independence and need for mutual love. It is crucial for them to understand the world operates with unity and assistance from each other is our basic need. Sometimes, they should just reach out for support or help without hesitation.


Karmic Lesson:


The Karmic Lessons are an important source of rectifying the errors or mistakes committed in the previous life. When a number and its vibration are absent from your birth name, it’s an indication of an energy that you haven’t experienced in a previous life, and so is a vibration missing in your energy field at birth.


Nonetheless, your missing number or vibration will keep on arising in your present life to remind you of your mistake and you shall overcome the same by not repeating.


Karmic Lessons by Number:


Karmic lessons as a way to learn what’s out of balance in your vibrational pattern or your makeup: Once you know what number or numbers are missing from your name, you’ll know what to work on. You Karmic Lesson by numbers represent a particular action or thought or understanding you will have to pay special attention to in this lifetime.


Meeting Your Lessons:


The easiest way to find the missing numbers or vibration is by calculating the birth name. The numbers thereby missing in the name will be the specific energies to work for in order to deal with situations successfully.


Calculation of Karmic Number:


The Karmic Number is calculated by taking in account your birth name as mentioned in the birth certificate. It’s easier to obtain the Karmic Number by adding consonants of the name according to the letters designated with particular number below:




Meanings of Karma Numbers:


Karma Number 1: They have a tendency of becoming too dependent on others for various aspects. They should learn to be more independent and free-spirited to stand on their own and mark a niche.


Karma Number 2: These people face a tough time to develop confidence and master the art of decision making. They need to learn to trust on their instincts and intuitive power.


Karma Number 3: They need to learn the balance between personal and professional life. They are unable to take pressure and thereby fail to achieve the goals. They should learn to seek a perfect balance of work and play by managing time effectively and efficiently.


Karma Number 4: The number depicts long struggle to prove their worth. They would be provided with endless tasks and tough situations; hence, they should develop patience and perseverance to deal with complex situations.


Karma Number 5: These people get addicted to alcohol and drugs quickly because of over pressure and stress. They should learn the art of moderation and avoid overindulgence of luxuries and addictions in life to successfully achieve goals.


Karma Number 6: Such people face issues in showing commitment and suffer from emotional imbalances thereby becoming irresponsible towards various aspects of life. They need to learn the importance of love and building strong relations by developing the art of communication.


Karma Number 7: These people lack a will or determination to master their skills and excel in their specialized fields. They need to develop knowledge and talents in a specific discipline to bring abilities at full development.


Karma Number 8: They are an extremely independent and free-spirited soul who attracts a considerable amount of money and luxuries of life. They lack the skill to manage Their finances therefore, ending up suffering major ups and downs in life.


Karma Number 9: These people should learn to be more compassionate and understanding. They do not realize their inner potential and end up getting screwed. Also, they need to broaden the horizon of their life and lend a helping hand whenever required.