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Life Path Master Numbers

Life Path for Master Numbers
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The Master Numbers acquire powerful elements within them which results in a significant meaning. They can be a curse or a blessing depending upon the usage of the person. They give a connotation of the hidden troubles and obstacles to be faced by the individual and if they have the power to heal the same, these master numbers prove to be the most productive.


Master Number 11


The people having life path master number 11 are similar to the zodiac signs like Libra, Sagittarius and Aries in astrology. These people are high on energy and power, incredible stamina, independent, charismatic, ambitious and natural mentors.


Their work is recognized in groups or movements in order to bring a radical change in the society for the betterment and to promote unity in diversity. For example- Prince Charles and his investment in organic farming in the UK.


If you have 11 in your numerology chart, it is important for you to combine the spiritual and personal power. You should not refuse your instincts and push them for gaining growth and evolution. This is a holy number and extremely powerful but self sabotaging if misused.


People having master number 11 are vulnerable to addictions and work holism, nervous breakdown, joint cults and the origin of such people is from the dysfunctional families. The childhood might be disturbing and traumatic which gives enough strength to people to fight against the wrongs and ills in the society.


Master Number 22


The people born under Master Number 22 are highly influential and powerful. In fact, numerology considers 22 Number to be the Master Builder. The holders of this number have full potential to turn their dreams into reality and acquire deep spiritual understanding. They have the power to apply knowledge in the practical way resulting into success.


People having master number 22 have high ideals and values with a framework of big objectives to achieve in the long run. They are hardworking, honest, and truthful and believe in freedom of expression. Self confidence and inner strength helps them to achieve the desired goals.


These people have higher self esteem thus helping them to avoid the negativity from outside. They achieve success at later stage in life in terms of career, financial or personal fame. They are the best of the friends and partners to have because of the understanding nature they endow.


It is a disciplined number as the people possess quality wherein they solve the problems with a cool head and have a great potential to be great leader, politician, organizer, builder, entrepreneur or manager.


Master Number 33


People with the master number 33 is a very rare number and is regarded as the Mater Teacher as it signifies a very nurturing and responsible two digit number. The people with a master number 33 are concerned with uplifting of the mankind and society. Their personal ambition and goals are not the matter of concern at all.


This number has a high energy and power which enables to promote the good deeds around the world. The holders of this number gain fame through their acts of kindness, compassion and tenderness which leads to the transformation of the roots in society.


People born with number 33 dedicate their life in serving the mankind and hence they choose their career towards the humanitarianism and welfare of the society. They generally opt for professions like healers, teachers, spiritual leaders and humanitarians.


Their selfless and altruistic approach might also result in a few loopholes as they have a habit of compulsive lying to please the people around and to protect the spiritual image of themselves in the society.