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Life Path Number 1 

According to the esoteric doctrine, Number 1 is considered to be the number of origin and hence the energy represents the root of all the new commencements. Individuals with Life Path number 1 are extremely daring and innovative thereby proving themselves to be brilliant leaders.
Positive Traits
People with Life Path number 1 are inborn leaders, hardworking, dexterous and extremely creative with a pioneering zeal to accomplish the great goals in life. These individuals are highly extroverted and courageous with a motive to reach at the zenith.
Innovation and creativity flow in their veins thus making them capable enough to multitask and solve problems with a positive attitude hence making them suitable for self employment which is supposedly meant to keep their souls happy and alive. Generally, people with Life Path Number 1 may possess the characteristics of a brilliant military leader or politician.
Negative Traits
The people with a Life Path Number 1 have a tendency to be egoistic, no decisiveness, excessive conservatism and highly self centered. Since, these people have excellent qualities of a leader, they generally fall into the trap of arrogance and self proud which might lead to the extreme emotional imbalances like aggression, selfishness, cynicism and a strong desire to subjugate others.
These people are often regarded as anarchists as they fail to notice their mistakes and desire unrestricted freedom. Ambition plays an important role in their life but they can turn haughty and unscrupulous if they pursue their goals.
Possible Career and Business options
People with Life Path number 1 are agile, enthusiastic and focused with a vision to reach the highest goal in life. Their excellent acumen and enormous dynamism makes them successful officers, managers and directors in the corporate field. They are highly satisfied working for themselves and therefore, people possessing Life Path Number 1 are excellent entrepreneurs as well for multitasking, intuition and initiative with a problem solving acumen. 
In the world of medicine, such people should specialize in surgery since they are known for accurate diagnosis and confident acts followed by deep intuition and insight.  These people have ability to be good neurologists.
In the world of art, these people have mastered skills from photography to fashion and advertising because, thanks to their out of the box imagination and highly original ideas. They also manifest themselves as brilliant designers, traveler guides, architects, engineers and pilots.
Financial Aspect
People with Life Path Number 1 are blessed with a fortune fondant since they are capable of earning a good living with a positive and prudent attitude and an added advantage to take risks helps them to score a goal. Also, it is considered that life path 1 individuals mostly splurge in abundant luxury and comfort with all the pleasurable goods around. 
It is important for Life Path number 1 individuals to keep in their mind that they will not be able to relish the fortune forever and hence they should make judicious use of the same with minimal dependence on the whims of life.
Stupid Cupid  
Life Path number 1 people are highly passionate, charming and expressive which helps them to easily persuade the love of their life. They are extremely affectionate and voracious which can sometimes lead to subjugation of the opposite sex. Their vibrations are compatible with Life Number 2 or 6 and number 3 and 4.
Health Issues
People under Life Path Number 1 are often struggling with stress and cynicism and show tendencies of a workaholic. They might have health issues related to insomnia, addictions, blood pressure, heart or liver disorder. 
The numerology experts advise them to follow regular cardio exercises along with yoga and meditation to release the toxic content from the body.
Lucky Colors
People born under the life path number 1 should opt for shades of orange, gold, white, yellow and bronze. Avoid black and maroon color.
Gem Stones
People with a Life Path Number 1 should generally wear a yellow topaz and ruby to welcome happiness, peace and prosperity in life.
Famous Personalities
Some of the famous personalities including authors, actors, and revolutionaries belonged to the Life Path number 1. For example: Tom Cruise, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alfred Nobel, Leo Tolstoy, Karl Marx, Charlie Chaplin, Earnest Hemingway