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Pythagoras Numerology

Pythagoras Numerology
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Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher is regarded as the Father of Numerology science. He strongly believed that our cosmic zone is made up of numbers and it is extremely important for all the people to understand the significance of each number. He further classified the numbers on the basis of their nature like masculine or feminine, introvert or extrovert, ugly or beautiful and so on. He also preached the theory that the numbers endow karmic debts i.e. the bad deeds of our previous birth to the present lives. This theory was further elaborated by another famous philosopher, Plato.


Pythagoras assigned a particular number (from 1 to 9) in respect to each alphabet and assumed a relationship with respect to the latter. In this way, he analyzed that everything was progressing in predictable cycles. Apart from number 1-9 digits, he also referred to 11 and 22 which were known as Master Numbers. The master numbers represent the deeds of past life and hence the success or failure of an individual born under the master number depends upon their karma (past deeds).


According to Pythagoras, the entire fate of an individual depends on the numbers in his birth date and name. The chart is listed below which provides an insight to Pythagoras Numerology.


Alphabet Value




The following is the list of important numbers in the life of a person according to Pythagoras Numerology system:


Destiny Number or Expression Number- It takes into account all the important opportunities that will be faced by the person. The destiny number is calculated by finding the sum of numbers of each letter in a name and reducing them further to a single digit.


For example - Calculating the Destiny Number for MOTHER TERESA.


462859 259511

34 23

7 5

So, the Destiny Number is 7+5 = 12= 3

Thus, 3 represent creativeness, artistic and sociability which Mother Teresa displayed throughout her life.


Life Path Number- This represents the pros and cons in a person along with his latent talents and ability to achieve various goals within his domain. It is calculated by adding the digits of birth date.


For Example- Birthday of Mother Teresa is 26th August 1910.

2+6+8+1+9+1+0= 27

2+7= 9

Therefore, 9 represents that Mother Teresa sacrificed her whole life for the welfare of the society.


Soul Urge Number- This number represents the motivation and inner strengths of a person. It is calculated by adding the numerals of vowels in a name of a person.


For Example- 22 is the Soul Urge Number of Mother Teresa.

The 22 number refers to the spiritualism and practicality which Mother Teresa exhibited in a fine way.


Personality Number: It indicates the external appearance of an individual and how others will perceive of them. It is calculated by adding the numerals of consonants of the name of a person.


For example- 8 is the personality number of Mother Teresa which signifies the executive ability and excellent administration potential.

Ultimate Number or Maturity Number- It indicates a wish or desire of a person which the person aims for to attain his ultimate goals in life. It is calculated by adding Destiny Number and Life Path number which is further reduced to single digits or master number.


For example- Destiny Number of Mother Teresa + Life Path number of Mother Teresa = 3+ 9 =12=3

This signifies that she attained success with optimism and social service.


Challenge Number- It indicates the weakness and limitless challenges of a person to face in his life. It is calculated by following steps-

Step 1- Difference between month digit and day digit.

Step 2- Difference between day digit and year digit.

Step 3- Difference between first and second challenge numbers.

Step 4- Difference between month digit and year digit.