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About Gundicha Temple

Gundicha temple is one of the most famous temples in Puri. Being another holy place of Puri in the state of Orissa, India, this temple is important to the well known Rath Yatra festival or Car Festival of Puri. It is located in the Gundicha square, near Puri bus stand. The temple is also called as Gundicha Ghar, Gundicha Mandir, and Sree Gundicha Temple.

It is most important significant for being the destination of the celebrated annual Puri Rath Yatra. While it remains empty most of the year, the temple is occupied by images of the deities of Jagannath, his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra for seven days (total 9 days including the start and ending day of Ratha Yatra) every year during the annual Puri Rath Yatra festival.


Gundicha Temple History


Gundicha temple also known as the Garden House of Jagannath, the Gundicha temple stands in the center of a beautiful garden, surrounded by compound walls on all sides. It lies at a distance of about 3 km from the Shrimandira, the main temple of Jagannath. The two temples are located at the two ends of the Bada Danda (Grand Avenue) which is the pathway for the Rath Yatra.

The temple is made using light gray sandstone and architecturally, it illustrates typical Kalinga temple architecture in the Kalinga style. The complex comprises four components: Vimana (tower structure containing the sanctum), Jagamohana (an assembly hall), Nata-Mandapa (a festival hall) and Bhoga-Mandapa (hall of offerings). There is also a kitchen connected by a small route. The temple is set within a garden and is known as "God's Summer Garden Retreat" or Garden House of Jagannath. The whole complex, including garden, is surrounded by a wall.

The sanctum features a plain raised platform (4 feet high and 19 feet long) made of chlorite called Ratnavedi, where the three deities are placed during the annual Ratha-yatra festivities. The temple has 2 gates. The western gate through which the deities enter the temple during Ratha Yatra. The eastern gate, known as Nakachana gate, is used for the departure of the deities.

Except for the 9-day Rath Yatra when JagannathJagannathJagannath
King Indradyumna was a great devotee of Vishnu...
is worshiped in Gundicha temple, the temple remains vacant the rest of the year. Tourists can visit the temple after paying an entry fee. Foreigners tourist are allowed inside this temple during this period. Maintenance of this temple is under the Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri - the governing body of the main temple.


Gundicha Temple Legends

There are many legends linked to Gundicha temple and annual seven-day stay off the central icons of Jagannath and his siblings during the Puri Ratha Yatra.

A legend links the temple to Gundicha, the queen of Indradyumna (the legendary builder of the main temple) - after whom the Gundicha Temple is named. Gundicha had a peep at the divine image of Jagannath being created by the celestial architect Vishwakarma. Impressed by the image, she insisted on her husband building the temple for the deity and starting the Ratha Yatra. Another variant suggests that Jagannath was pleased with her temple and promised to visit her house, now the Gundicha Temple.

As per another legend, when Jagannath (identified with the god Krishna) goes to stay for seven days in the Gundicha Temple, he intentionally leaves behind his wife LakshmiLakshmiLakshmi
Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who is regarded as the ultimate deity of wealth...
locked up in a storeroom in the main Jagannath temple. While in the Gundicha temple, he is exclusively taken care by his Gopis (cow-herding girls) led by his gopi-lover RadhaRadhaRadha
Radha, also known as Radhika and Radharani was a Gopi (milkmaid)...
like KrishnaKrishnaKrishna
It is described that there are three aspects of the Supreme that must...
in Vrindavan. It is an important Hindu pilgrimage site where Krishna spent his childhood days. Mathura- It is a city in North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the birthplace of Krishna The Gopis are symbolized by the temple devadasis on this occasion. When Jagannatha returns to his main temple after his amorous dalliance, Lakshmi meets him at the main temple gate and sprinkles some magical powder on him, which makes him forget about his escapade in the Gundicha Temple, and she is immediately reunited with her husband in blissful love.

Another legend as per as Hindus is that the temple's name Gundicha is related to a local goddess Gundicha, alike to Durga, worshiped to cure smallpox. In Oriya Gundi means smallpox, which may be derived from the Bengali Guti, which is related to the smallpox goddess - Gutika Thakurani. Gundicha is considered as Krishna -Jagannath's aunt, which he visits with his siblings annual Rath Yatra. 

Gundicha Mandir Upcoming Events

Gundicha Marjanaa - 05-July-2016
Puri Ratha Yatra - 06-July-2016


Best Things to know about Jagannath Puri

State: Odisha, India
Languages spoke:  Odiya(General), Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, English
Best Season: During Car Festival (June-July), October to February
Temperature: Summer : Max- 39.9°C Min- 20.0°C, Winter: Max/ Min-17.1°C


How to reach Gundicha temple, Jagannath Puri

By Air: The nearest Airport is State Capital Bhubaneswar also known as "Biju Pattnaik Airport". It is 65 K.Ms from Puri and can be covered in an hour by car.

By Rail: Puri is well connected by Railways. Trains are from Kolkata (Howrah Jn), New Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc.

By Road: Only 60 Kms. away from Bhubaneswar by State HN-8, Puri has got a 35 Km Marine drive roadway to Konark. The State Capital is situated on both sides of Calcutta-Madras National Highway No-5.





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