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About Kamakhya Shakti Peeth Temple

Kamakhya Shakti Peetha is the temple that is most revered temple situated in Guwahati. The wall of this temple is beautifully  engraved with panels and images of GaneshaGaneshaGanesha
The guardian deity of Hindus, also known as the Ganapati (The God of all groups) is the son of Lord Shiva ...
and other Hindu deities on the outside wall. KamakhyaKamakhyaKamakhya
Kamakhya is regarded as the Hindu goddess of desire. The name Kamakhya literally means “renowned goddess of desire” in Sanskrit.
Temple consists of three major halls. The temple's main hall has seven oval spires, each topped by three golden pitchers. The hall on the westward side is large and rectangular and is not used by the general pilgrims for worship. The middle hall is a square, with a small idol of the Goddess. The walls of this hall contain sculpted images of Naranarayana, related inscriptions and other gods and goddess.

The middle hall leads to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple in the form of a cave that consists of no image, but a natural underground spring that flows through a Yoni-shaped cleft in the bedrock. There is no idol of goddess per say, but rather a large cleft in the bedrock moistened by water flowing upward from an underground spring, generally covered by clothes and chunris, flowers, and red vermilion.

The greatest shrine is known for its Tantric practices find mention in the inscription of the Allahabad pillar of Samudra Gupta.

According to this, the temple was built in the first millennium during the time of Kamrupa. However, Temple got destroyed during the middle of the second millennium because Mongol invasion in the 12 BC. Later, temple structure was renovated that was reconstructed in 1565 by Chilarai of the Koch dynasty in the style of medieval temples destroyed in the Muslim attacks. New King Naranarayana of Cooch Behar had reconstructed this place of worship in the year 1665, that is present today.

Kamakhya Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya. She is described as the yielder of all desires and the giver of salvation or ultimate spiritual liberation. Devotees come here with devotion to solve their worldly problems and get connected with divinity.

Kamakhya is the most important of all Shaktipeethas. Goddess loves this than any other place in the world. According to Kalika Purana, each and every sand particle near Kamakhya is a Shaktipeeth. It is a place of worship completely dedicated to Shakti. They are the shrines or sacred places of Devi. These places are considered to be enshrined by Devi herself and each shaktipeeth is associated with a body part of Devi.

Kamakhya paramam tirtham kamakhya paramam tapah /
Kamakhya paramo dharmah kamakhya parama gatih //


The Kamakhya Temple is one of the most famous temples situated on the Nilachal Hill in the western part of Guwahati city in Assam, India. The Shakti Temple of Kamakhya is located on the top of Nilachal Hills, overlooking the mighty river Brahmaputra.
This temple is dedicated to diverse forms of the Goddess Durga, including BhuvaneshvariBhuvaneshvariBhuvaneshvari
The name Bhuvaneshwari is a compound of two words, i.e., ‘Bhuvana’ which means...
, BagalamukhiBagalamukhiBagalamukhi
Also known as Pitambara Maa in North India, Bagalamukhi is a goddess...
, Chinnamasta, Tripura Sundari  and TaraTaraTara
In the Ramayana, Tara is addressed by Vali as the daughter of the vanara physician Sushena. Sometimes, verses are added in the Bala Kanda, the first book of the Ramayana...
. One can find the mention of Kamakhya in the Kalika Purana as the most important goddess for Tantric practices. According to yet another scripture, Mahamaya, Kamakhya is referred as "great goddess of illusion", who takes on various forms depending on the requirement of the time. Devotees also call her Kameshwari ("beloved goddess of desire").

It is an important pilgrimage destination for general Hindu and Tantric worshippers. The temple is the most revered temple amongst the 51 Shakti Peetha. According to various myths and traditions, there are 51 parts of Sati's body scattered across the Indian subcontinent. These places are called Shakti Peetha and are dedicated to various powerful goddesses. Kamarupa ("form of desire") is the region in which the Yoni ("vulva," "womb," or "source") of the SatiSatiSati
The name Sati means true and justifying her name...
is said to have fallen on the Earth, and the Kamakhya temple was said to have been constructed on this spot.

Rituals and traditions

Thousands of Devotees visit Kamakhya Temple  every morning with the flowers to offer to ShaktiMany devotees offer their animals. In general, female animals are exempted from sacrifice. However, this rule is relaxed during mass sacrifices when people can offer goats.

Devotees and pilgrims offer their prayers and items of worship with full devotion, after that and drink water from the spring that is revered as Charanamrit.  

Kamakhya temple attracts thousands of tantra devotees in an annual festival known as the ‘Ambubachi Feast' as it is revered as the center of Tantric practices. During the ‘Ambubachi Feast’festival, the menstruation of the Goddess Kamakhya is celebrated. During this time, the color water in the main shrine  turns  red resembling menstrual fluid.

Another annual celebration is the Manasha Puja It is a prayer ritual performed to make offerings, honoring, evoking or worshipping gods. The ceremony can also be performed to pay homage to the beloved ones who are dead:-

During Navaratri in the autumn, Durga Puja is also celebrated annually at Kamakhya. This five-day festival attracts several thousand visitors each year.




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