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About Madhur Maha Ganapathi Temple

Madhur Ganapathi Temple : Madur Sri Madanantheswara Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

The Madanantheshwara Siddhivinayak Temple, also popularly known as the Madhur Temple is one of the most famous Ganesh temples in Kerala, located around 8km away from the northeast Kasaragod, on the banks of the Madhuvahini River. The Srimadanantheswara Siddhivinayaka Temple, with its three-tiered dome, and a copper plated roofing rises majestically above the Madhuvahini River. The ambience and surrounding of the temple is a green landscape and serves as a serene picturesque view for the visitors and pilgrims. Covered by the lush green coconut trees and paddy fields, the Temple is the most beautifully located. The presiding deity is Lord ShivaShivaShiva
Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
but it is famous for Maha Ganpathi, and there is a huge belief that the idol of Lord Ganesh will keep growing. The Temple is administered by the Government of Kerala and also, provides free lunch to the devotees in the name of ‘prasadam’.


Historical Significance
Madhur temple was initially Madhanentheswara Temple (Lord Shiva) and it is believed that, a "low caste" female by name "Madura" found an "Udbhava Murthy" of Shiva Linga. Linga is a phallic shaped symbol of Shiva which is considered his source of power and is worshipped by Hindus

The main attraction of Madhur Temple is statue of Lord Ganapathi on the wall of the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha). The statue of Ganapathi was drawn by a Brahmin The conventional Hindu caste system divided society into four sects and Brahmin was known as the learned class who gained the knowledge of sacred texts written on Hinduismboy and he was son of a priest. He drew a small Ganapathy but the image became big and fat. Therefore the boy called the Ganapathi as Bodda GaneshaGaneshaGanesha
The guardian deity of Hindus, also known as the Ganapati (The God of all groups) is the son of Lord Shiva ...
or Boddajja.

As per the legend of Kumble, Tipu Sultan of Mysore attacked the Madhur temple and desired to demolish the temple during his invasion of Kodagu, Tulunadu as well as Malabar. A miracle happened after drinking water from the well of this temple; he changed his mind on attacking and demolishing the Garbhagriha of Madhur Temple. He left the place and moved in the direction of Malabar. However to please his soldiers as well as Islamic scholars he made a cut using his sword as an evidence of his attack. The cut mark even now remains and it is noticeable on the building that has been constructed across the well of the Madhur Temple.


The Deity
In the ancient times, there was a low-caste woman, belonging to Madura caste that saw a place around which fire was burning. She then, informed the Meppadasi King who saw a grand Shiva idol and he called the God as Anatheshwara , thereby building a temple for him. But, the present temple structure is quite modern with rich infrastructure. There is a rumour that follows the people were not able to perform Yagya at the temple and therefore, they consulted the priest to conduct a pooja to Lord Ganpathy, thus, they installed the idol and built an enclosure around it. But, later, the idol was growing in size and therefore, one old woman kept her hand at the head of the idol, thereby requesting him to increase from the sides and not the height. Anyways, the result is the great statue of Ganesha idol and even though the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, greater importance is given to Lord Ganpathy.


The most important offering to Lord Ganapatrhiu is Udayasthamana Appam It is sweet dish like pancake that is made up of rice and coconut milk( a sweet dish made of rice and jaggery fried in oil) . Offering 1000 appams is one very important form of worship. The other offering is to cover the huge Ganapathi statue with appam called Appam moodal. This is only conducted in a community scale that too not regularly , in view of the huge cost involved.


Location: The teple is located at 8kms northeast of the Kasaragod town in the north Kerala.


Build In: It was built around 1000-2000 years old.


Dedicated to: The Temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva but Ganpathy is quite popular and worshipped here.


Alternate Names:  The Temple is also called as Madur Madanantheswara Siddhi Vinayaka.

Attraction: Some of the places to visit in and around are Bekal Fort, Ananthapuram Lake Temple, Ranipur, Malla Temple and Mallu.






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