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About Nidhvan Temple

One can witness the foot-mark of KrishnaKrishnaKrishna
It is described that there are three aspects of the Supreme that must...
and Radha, in Vrindavan It is an important Hindu pilgrimage site where Krishna spent his childhood days. Mathura- It is a city in North Indian State, Uttar Pradesh, known for being the birthplace of Krishnaat Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh lays down the essence of living.

Nidhivan is one of the most famous, religious and mysterious places in the divine, and holy city Vrindavan.

Nidhivan (Nidhi means treasure and van means park). It is a blessed temple where the unplanned overflow of fidelity and penance floods every time. It is known as MADHUVAN too. This is unsurpassable park and situated next to Shahji Temple that is surrounded by trees all around.

Nidhivan has a dense plantation of Ban Tulsi (a kind of Basil, the wild variety) with its branches bending down to touch the ground imprinted with tender feet of the divine couple Krishna - Radha.

Nidhivan, The scenic beauty is particularly attractive during the rainy season as the freshly washed and new tender leaves seem to invite the visitor to shelter from the heat of scorching Sun outside. Once a visitor enters the divine environment of Nidhivan, he feels relaxed bodily as well as spiritually. Many monkeys are found in the vicinity of the temple.

It is believed that it is the location of appearance of Shri Banke Bihari. It is the place where Lord Krishna (Shri Banke Bihari) along with RadhaRadhaRadha
Radha, also known as Radhika and Radharani was a Gopi (milkmaid)...
and other gopis performs Raas-Leela (Divine dance) over here. Lord rests with goddess Radha on flower-decked bed after they accomplish their Raas-Leela (Divine dance).

Nidhivan Temple is considered as the flip book of Krishna Leela and also known for the joviality of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Nidhivan it is spiritually blessed temple where can observe the continuous flow of devotion and penance every time.

When you plan to visit Nidhivan, you must visit 5 important places inside the temple

•    Lalita Kund
•    Shri Banke Bihari appearance place
•    Rang Mahal
•    Sri Gopeshwara Mahadev
•    Swami Haridas temple

Yes, there is an interesting legend associated with each place

Each place is associated with Swami Haridas and Banke Bihari.

Swami Haridas was the spiritual poet and the devotee of Krishna. He was born at Haridaspura near Aligarh. He left his village and visited Radha-Kund, Shyam Kund near Govardhan and built his hut to stay and sing devotional songs. After that, he visited Vrindavan and selected this very location known as Nidhivan for his meditation, prayers, and singing.

Incident relates to Lalita Kund

One day Swami Haridas felt thirsty.  Krishna then and there dig the place with his flute to quench the thirst of Swami Haridas thus the location is named as “Lalita Kund” in association of divine saint "Swami Haridas". He is sometimes said to have been the incarnation of Lalita Sakhi, the legendary friend of Krishna in his previous birth.

An Incident related to the appearance of the idol of Banke Bihari

Saint Haridas use to please his beloved Lord Banke Bihari (another name for Krishna, by pouring the melodious rapture of his thrilling music in Nidhivan.

Once day, kind Lord Banke Bihari appeared in his dream and also blessed him by appearing on the ground of Nidhivan and thus today there is a temple at that place inside Nidhi Vana named PrakatyaSathal (place of the appearance of God Shree Bankey Bihari).

Near to Shri Banke Bihari Prakatya Sthal is Rang Mahal.

It is believed that Radha gets ready in Srinagar Ghar of Rang Mahal for performing Raas Leela. After Performing Raas-Leela (Spiritual Dance), Radha and Krishna return back and rest on the flower-decked bed prepared for them each night in Rang Mahal. There is the photograph here depicting the divine love of Krishna and Radha.

Incident Related to Gopeshwera Mahadev

Many years ago when Lord Krishna and Radha were ready for Maha Raas-Leela as usual, ShivaShivaShiva
Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
and ParvatiParvatiParvati
After the death of Shiva's first love Sati, Shiva...
wanted to see this divine event. Parvati was allowed to enter the arena of the Raas-Leela, but as Lord Shiva tried to enter, he was told that he could not come because he possessed the male body. It was explained by the Gopi Vrinda (after whom Vrindavan is named) that no male except Lord Krishna was allowed to enter into this Rasa.

Shiva is feeling so much distressed being denied access to the arena, began crying intensely. Seeing his heart’s grief, Vrindadevi felt great compassion. Thus, Vrindadevi gave solution to Mahadev that he has to pray to the Yamuna and have to take the bath in it.   She then explained that if he did so, he would be able to enter into the Rasa. Following the instruction of Vrindadevi, Lord Shiva attained a female form of a Gopi.

As a Gopi, he was introduced to Lord Krishna in order to accompany him in his Rasa dance. Sri Krishna recognized him in the form of Gopi and called him “Gopeshwara”. Lord Krishna then gave the guardianship of Rasa Mandala to Lord Shiva and requested him that he would allow only authorized persons to enter into it. Since that day, Gopishvara Mahadev has been present there in the service of Sri - Krishna and his beloved Gopis.

You can visit Saint Haridas final resting place (Samadhi)

Saint Haridas took Mahasamadhi in Vikram Samvat 1535 according to Hindu calendar. It is said the earth split only two times – one for SitaSitaSita
Sita is the most benevolent Goddess, who is known...
and another time for Swami Haridas. His Samadhi is still in Nidhivan, Vrindavan.




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