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About Parashar Dev Temple


The lakeside temple is one of the most unique & beautiful temples of the area. The temple is named after saint Prashar. Prashar near Kataula in Mandi District is well- known for its temple and lake. These are nestled in natural scenic surroundings. There is deep forest cover all round. It is like a jewel in this high altitude of 2700 meters high area. The temple is in pagoda style and is dedicated to Maharishi Prashar who overlords this region for miles together. He has his suzerainty over some thirty-five hill deities who pay obeisance to him at the time of ‘Saranauhali’- first of Vikrami calendar month ‘Ashadh’ ‘Saranauhali’ means bath in Prashar  lake.


Idol of Sant Parashar

The Prashar temple is pagoda style. It has a three ties structure with square roof & top roof is Conical. On the entrance to the sancturm sanctorum there are doorkeepers carved on both sides. A richly carued single shutter deodar wood door provides entry to the sanctum. Leaving an about one meter wide space are around for ambulatory. Also there is one open passage. The door frame is quite decorative. In its first stage it is simple decoration, in the second stage there are wonderful geometrical patterns, in the third stage are depicted’ ghatpallav’ and musicians, in the forth Nags coiled in themselves, in the fifth there are some semi-divine and human figures, and in the sixth stage some couples are carved which are very attractive and enchanting.

There are some twelve images on both sides of the main idol. These are wonderful specimens of local folk art. The image of BhairavBhairavBhairav
Also known as Kala Bhairava, Bhairava is the manifestation of Lord Shiva...
, three and a half feet high, is quite awe- inspiring. NandiNandiNandi
Nandi is one of the most iconic and famous characters of Hindu mythology. He is the vehicle of Shiva and also the gatekeeper of the abode of Shiva and Parvati. 
is Shown in standing posture.There is stone slap which contains sacred and exotic ‘yantra’. There is also a ‘havankund’ (sacrificial fire- altar). We have the images of Ganesh and Varun (water god). A divine figure inspiring calmness and serenity is carved. There are three couples (‘yugals’) images well disposed towards one another. The structure of sanctum sanctorum is of dry masonry and it is of quite high quality and consummate skill.

The  domical  roof is made up of galvanized iron sheets and the lower two tiers have slanting slate stractures prevalent in the high hills which have heavy rains.


Prashar  temple falls in the region of Uttarsal. There are mainly two ways to reach Prashar temple. We reach Kataula and then Baggi and it covers 32 km. Himachal Pradesh Government has constructed 20 km. stretch of motorable road from Baggi to the foothill of Prashar temple. We can also walk on foot and trek to the temple and it is just 6km. The devotees generally take this pedestrian path. We can also go from Jawalapur in Sanor valley and then trek above some 4 km. There are lush green forests and natural scenic beauty which give added strength and endurance to reach Prashar temple.


It is belived that the temple was built by Raja Ban Sen (1301 – 1346 A.D.)who was one of the rulers of the erstwhile princely Mandi State. It is also evident that there have been many additions and extensions lending new charm and strength to the temple. There is plethora of wonderful wood- work and wood sculpture on wooden pillars, walls, balconies, ‘gavakshs’(windows), etc. One comes across the scene of ocean- churning, artistically portrayed. One gets wonder –struck by high quality of the carving by way of geometrical patterns,floral designs, humans emi –divine and divine figures. It has also most elegantly carved religious symbols as ‘chakra’ lotus, Sun-disc, bells,etc. The wooden ‘jhalar’too adds to the beauty of the structure.

The treasury or the Dhandav of the temple is at Babdhi village. The temple has its own chariot for the deity. ‘Kardar’’Bhandari Gur’ and the priests who come from some 18 families.’Dharamshala’ (residence for pilgrims) is being added for the stay of the pilgrims. The ‘Bedas’(Floating islands) are big attraction and invoke feelings of piety and reverence. The events are forecast with their movements and locations in the lake. There are some housed newly constructed, magnificent P.W.D.and Forest Rest Houses and these too make this place great attraction for devotees and tourists.

The deity has his own image carved in wood, stone or metal keeping in view personage, powers and practice. Prashar deity is also represented by metal- masks which have their own functions, significance and divine powers. Similarly ‘karandi’(basket) or for that matter fan(‘pankha’)with covering of Sun are also representatives of the deity. Raja Siddh Sen (1664 – 1727 A.D.) donated one such metal- mask for devotion and worship. The big container ‘kharu’too is considered the fome of the deity and is much venerated.It is natural that anything closely connected with the deity is also as secred and divine as the main deity himself or herself. There is a Temple Committee which looks after the day –to-day affairs and management of the temple. A sacred bath in the lake is taken. In ‘Baisakh’ to two-days fair is held. The hill deities numbering thirty-five from ShivaShivaShiva
Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
Badar, Jawalapur and nearby pleases pay obeisance to ‘Bada Dev’ or Big god) Prashar who is held in high esteem by them and is revered like supreme leader
and royal personage. This is the reason why deity Prashar’s ‘gur’,oracle is given precedence over all other ‘gurs’at the time of ‘jag’ (night vigil ceremony) in Rupeshwari Temple- complex on the occasion of international ‘Shivratri’ fair at Mandi.

Indeed Prashar temple is very unique form architecture, sculoture, religious and cultural significance points of view. Maharishi Prashar has his suzerainty over hill deities of Sanor valley and is thus Supreme Lord of whatever he survery in this region



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