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About Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The magnificent Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is located inside the East Fort in Thiruvanthumpuram, the capital city of Kerala. The affluent historical Temple dates back to the 8th Century and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it is one of the 108 sacred VishnuVishnuVishnu
Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
temples or Divya Desams, holiest abodes of Lord Vishnu as mentioned by the Tamil Azhvars (priest or saint). The deity presided in the Temple is reclines on the Anantha (hooded serpent)

Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple was built in the time immemorial; various sects like BrahmaBrahmaBrahma
According to Hinduism, the whole creation is the work of Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity)...
Purana, MatsyaMatsyaMatsya
 Matsya Avatar was the first Avatar of Vishnu, among the Dashavatara...
Purana, VarahaVarahaVaraha
Varaha is the third incarnation of Vishnu who came on earth to rescue the it from the bottom of a sea. As all the other forms of Vishnu, Varaha too had the purpose of restoring Dharma and ending the rule of evil and maleficence.
Purana, SkandaSkandaSkanda
The fifth manifestation of the Durga worshipped on Navratri...
Purana, Padma Purana, Vayu Purana, Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata mention the exclusive shrine. Also, in the Sangam period in Tamil literature between 500 B.C-300A.D, the Temple has been referred to several times. 
According to expert historians and archaeologists, it is believed that Shree Balaram visited Syanandoorapuram and Ananthasayam (Thiruvanthampuram) during the course of his pilgrimage. Also, in the “Brahmanada Purana”, there is a mention of Syanandoorapuram. These references prove that the temple is of great antiquity with a sacred shrine of Shree Maha Vishnu. Thus, it is evident that the majestic Temple existed in the Ninth Century as well. During 1050A.D, it is believed that the then ruler re-constructed and renovated the Temple. 
During the period 1335A.D-1384A.D, Venad was a historical city being ruled by the powerful and wise king names, Veera Marthanda Verma, who brought significant changes and innovations to the Temple. The King took over the control of the existing management and administration authorities of the temple thereby conducting Alapsi Utsavam from the year, 1375A.D; the ten-day festival fair was to be held during the month October-November. 
In the year, 1729 post the demise of the King Veera Marthanda Verma, now succeeded Marthanda King, ruler of Travancore who renovated the Temple in a natural way. Marthana Verma employed around 4000 sculptors, 6000 labourers and 100 elephants to re-construct the Sreebalipuraa (oblong corridor). The old wooden idol was replaced to the one kept today, Katusarkarayogam, composed of 12008 Salagrams.
In1758, the throne was reigned by Sree Karthika Thirunal RamaRamaRama
 As of late, in the year 2007, the idea of whether Rama...
Varma, who built the amazing Kulasekhara Mandapam. It is supported by 28 balustrades of pillars. 
The mass chanting praying of Sahasranama is a recent innovation. Also, the gold plating of the main Balikkal took two years and, finally, got completed in the year 1993. The avant-garde Murajapam and Lakshadeepam are the events that occur once in every six years. The last took place in the year 2014. There is the gold plating on the window frame between the feet of Lord Vishnu. 
The Presiding Deity
The idol worshipped in Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is Lord Vishnu. The deity is well-known all over the world for the composition that is 12008 Salagramams, specially brought from the River Gandhaki in Nepal.
The Garbhariga or shrine is properly kept on a slab of stone which is around 18ft. Long and can be viewed from three different sides. The head and chest can be seen from the first floor, the hands are viewed from the second floor, and finally, the legs are seen from the third floor. 
The beautifully adorned Temple is an intricate fusion of the Kerala style and Dravidian style of architecture which makes it unique. The Temple is built of stone and bronze. The Temple interiors are adorned with exquisite and oh-so-breathtaking paintings and murals. The Dhwaj Stambh is about 80ft hight and covered with gold plated copper sheets, marking the beauty atop the Temple. 
There is a massive hall decorated with beautiful sculptures of Hindu deities. Interestingly, there is a Natak-Sala, a grand hall under the main entrance hall, where the cultural art form- Kathakali is performed during the ten-day festival held during the Malayalam months of Meenam and Thulam. 
Temple Secret
Beneath the Shree Padmanbhaswamy Temple vaults lies the greatest treasure of all time. With a sprawling seven-storey tower etched with ornate images of Gods, Nymphs, and Demons. It is believed that in the past Centuries, the Kings used to weight the local Princes approaching adulthood and donate an equivalent sum of gold. The treasure has been hidden since then, uncounted and unguarded. The Management Trustees of the Temple is the Travancore Royal family.
Location: The extravagant Temple is located in the heart of Thiruvanthumpuram, the capital city of Kerala.
Built-In: The Temple dates back to the 8th Century.
Dedicated To: The riches Hindu Temple is one of the sacred shrine of 108 Vishnu temples and, thus, dedicated to Lord Vishnu resting on Anantha
Alternate Names: Shree Padmanbhaswamy Temple is also popularly known as Anantha because Lord Vishnu reclines on the serpent Anantha.
Attraction: The rich treasure was hidden beneath the Temple by the ancient Kings and, also the Temple is of great antiquity belonging to Lord Vishnu.
Hotels: There is an array of premium hotels near the Temple. The most popular are Windsor Rajdhani, Abad Harmonia Ayurveda Beach Resort, Vivanta by Taj and Vasudevam.




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