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About Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati  Balaji Temple – The Temple of Wealth of Boons

Tirupati Balaji temple, also popularly known as Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple, is situated in Tirupati in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is regarded as one of the most important temples of India and is dedicated to Venkateswara, an incarnation of Vishnu. The temple is also known as “The Temple of Seven Hills” as it is located within the Tirumala Hills containing seven peaks. The temple is of Dravidian architecture and is believed to have been built at around 300 AD. It is regarded as one of the most important pilgrimages of not only India but the whole world.


Once upon a time, in KaliKaliKali
There are several traditions of how Kali came into existence...
Yuga, which is the present era, many yogis and hermits performed Yajnas, They are the sacred rituals to invoke deities using fire. The purpose of performing such rituals are to gain boons, including wealth, health and power. The ritual is performed by priests or learned Brahmins religious ceremonies of the highest order. After that they approached the heavenly sage NaradaNaradaNarada
Narada, also popularly known as Narada Muni, is a great Vedic sage and is one of the most significant and iconic characters of the Hindus. 
and asked him who out of the Trimurti - the tri-force namely Brahma, ShivaShivaShiva
Shiva is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindu Trinity that ...
and VishnuVishnuVishnu
Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
should be selected for offering the fruits of the yajna. To this Narada advised them that sage BhriguBhriguBhrigu
Bhrigu was one of the seven great sages known as Saptarishis and was created...
should go and meet all the three one by one and make the decision himself after meeting them. Bhrigu was a very wise sage and had an extra eye in his sole. He first visited BrahmaBrahmaBrahma
According to Hinduism, the whole creation is the work of Trimurti (the Hindu Trinity)...
and Shiva but was not noticed by the two at all. After this he visited Vishnu who was in a private meeting with his consort Lakshmi. Due to this Vishnu was not able to receive the sage and treat him properly. Enraged by the disrespect Bhrigu kicked Vishnu in his chest. However, Vishnu remained silent and did not react to the sage’s actions, and apologized and began massaging his foot. While doing so he squashed the Bhrigu’s eye present in the sole. This extra eye was supposed to signify the super ego of Bhrigu. Upon this, Bhrigu realized his mistake and asked for forgiveness from Vishnu. Vishnu's chest is regarded as the home of Lakshmi. As a result, LakshmiLakshmiLakshmi
Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess who is regarded as the ultimate deity of wealth...
felt insulted and disrespected by the actions of the sage and silence of Vishnu and left Vaikunta, their abode.

She then went down to the earth and reached Kolhapur. There she began meditating and intense penance for many years. Later, Vishnu left Vaikunta as well and went out to search for Lakshmi. He then reached Tirumala hills and started meditating under a tamarind tree on an anthill there. Brahma and Shiva looked at Vishnu and realized his plights and assumed the forms of a cow and a calf in order to serve and help Vishnu through his sorrow. Surya came to know about this and informed the same to Lakshmi. He then requested her to sell the cow and the calf to the Chola king, the king of the territory in which Vishnu took abode. On this, Lakshmi assumed the form of a cow herders and did exactly what Surya told her to. After that, the Chola king sent the cow and the calf to the hills for grazing with other animals. The cow found Vishnu meditating on the anthill and emptied the udder on it, thus, feeding him. The same course of events used to take place daily and, eventually, the queen found that the cow did not yield any milk at all and censured the cowherd, who used to take all the animals for grazing, very severely. Next day the cowherd followed the cow and saw the cow emptying the udder on the anthill. Filled with anger, he took out his axe and took an aim to strike the cow on head. Vishnu then got up and received the blow in order to save the cow and started bleeding. Seeing him bleeding the cowherd passed out and died. The cow returned to the king, however, it was covered with blood all over its body. The king was curious as to what had happened and took the cow out again and followed it. Then the king approached the anthill and saw the dead body of his cowherd and stood completely confused there when suddenly Vishnu got up from the anthill. He cursed the king that he would become a demon in his next life as because of his fault a loyal servant died. The king asked for forgiveness upon which Vishnu told him that he would be reborn as Akasa Raja and he will have to get his daughter married to an incarnation of Vishnu.
Moreover, the cowherd received the boon that he would have the honor of opening the doors of the temple that would be made there.

Consequently, the king was reborn as Akasa Raja and had a beautiful daughter named Padmavati. Vishnu assumed the form of a villager named Srinivasan who lived a simple life and hunted for living. One day while Padmavati was with her maids in her garden an elephant came running into the premises wildly. Srinivasan who was chasing it came after the elephant and stood in front of it. The elephant ran away at the sight of him. Eventually, Srinivasan and Padmavati fell in love with each other. Finally, the ceremonies of their marriage began. However, being poor, Srinivasan didn’t have much money for the expensive celebrations and rituals. So, he approached Kuber and asked for a loan of a huge amount of money and around eleven million gold coins. Thus, Srinivasan was able to provide for the various ceremonies and rituals, and got married to Padmavati. When Lakshmi found out that his husband got married again, she left out to meet him in utter disbelief. As soon as Srinivasan faced Padmavati and Lakhmi at the same time, he turned into a stone right on that spot. Both Padmavati and Lakshmi stood completely baffled there. Shiva and Brahma then explained to them that it was Vishnu’s desire to settle on the seven hills for the liberation of mankind from the inadvertent problems and troubles of Kali She is the embodiment of empowerment and a fierce aspect of the Goddess. She is black in her complexion and thus she is named Kali. She is the Goddess of time, power, change and destruction and is majorly worshipped in South India, Bengal and AssamYuga. Padmavati and Lakshmi then decided to live with their husband forever and turned into stone as well. It is believed that Lakshmi resided on the left side of Vishnu’s chest and Padmavati on the right side. It is said that Tirupati Balaji temple is built on the same anthill on which Vishnu meditated.


One of the most famous rituals of the temple is to provide prasadam to the pilgrims. The prasadam is the food item offered to the lord and then distributed among the devotees. The prasadam of the temple consists of the world famous Tirupati Laddu which is a sweet and has received a Geographical Indication tag which certifies it as a native entity and has given the rights solely to the management of the temple to make and sell them. Another famous practice of the temple is Mokku which is shaving one’s head and offering the hair to Vishnu. It is believed that when the cowherd struck Vishnu on his head, a bald spot formed over that portion of his head. Neela Devi witnessed this incident and realized that such a beautiful person should not be marred by a bald spot and cut a portion of her hair and implanted on the head of Vishnu. Vishnu then thanked her for her gift and promised her that she would be the recipient of all the hair offered by the devotees who would visit his temple.

A very famous ritual performed here is associated with the legend of the temple, and is known as Hundi. In this devotees and worshippers from all over the world donate money, especially in the form of gold coins. It is believed that by doing so they help their lord in paying off the huge loan that he took from Kuber. And as such the temple has received several thousand kilograms of gold. Yet another important and popular ritual of the temple is called Thulabharam. In this the devotee sits on one of the two pans of a huge weight balance and offers material greater than his/her weight on the other pan. The offerings usually consist of sugar, sweets, jaggery, coins and gold. This ritual is generally performed by new born babies or small children.

Significance and Beliefs

The most fervent followers of Vishnu are known as Vaishnavites and are required to visit the temple at least once in their lifetime. Many Vedic texts refer to the point that in Kali Yuga one can attain moksha, the ultimate enlightenment, by worshipping Venkateswara. Tirupati Balaji temple receives the highest donations and wealth and is regarded as the most visited place of worship in the world. The temple receives an average of twenty two million rupees daily and is visited by seventy five thousand people every day. It is believed that the deity blesses his devotees, who offer prayers to him and worship him with purity, devotion and sincerity, with all the boons they seek. The temple propagates the principles of simplicity, honesty, equality and love, and refrains itself from the practices of animal sacrifice, and other blatant and violent superstitious practices.




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