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About Vishveshwar Mahadev Temple

Vishveshwar or Basheshar Mahadev temple is situated some 200 meters from the national highway from Bajaura village midway between Aut and Kullu. According to Archeological Survey of India Notice Board, It is an ancient temple belonging to 8th-9th century. This temple is considered one of the best specimens of Kullu valley temples as far as the temple architecture, Sculpture and other artistic details are concerned. The niches in the outer walls contain wonderful and sculpturally important icons of Mahishasurmardini, Ganesh VishnuVishnuVishnu
Vishnu is one of the Supreme Gods of Hindus and is a part of Hindu Trinity,..
, etc.

There is the stone platform about two feet high. On the Platform are placed ‘Mahashivling’ and Mahayoni’ and ‘Jalahari’ above. There are some icons of stone, may be the relics of the old temple. The outside gate built in stone is replete with stone sculptures and the doorkeepers are so prominent.  The entrance gate ‘toran dwar’ is quite embellished. The old relics point out to the fact of invasion by some outside invaders. It is believed that some icons have been mutilated by Raja Ghamand Chand of Kangra in 1769-70 when he invaded this place.

The temple of Vishveshwar at Bajaura is in ‘Shikhar’ style. The carved stone blocks, different niches containing wonderful specimens of stone sculpture, temple and other motifs well carved on ‘shikhar’ itself make this temple nationally and internationally important and well- known.

Scenes from Krishan-leela as killing of Kuvalaya elephant, holding ‘Goverdhan’ ‘Cheer Haran leela”, play upon flute, killing of Kaliya Nag, Gopi Ras –leela, killing of Ravan and Mareech by Ram, lion and Ganesh. In the third stage of the doorframe there are two big coiled Nags covering the frame from bottom to the top and in the fourth stage there are parrots and some leaves of the trees painted alone with the Nags and geometrical patterns. The colors used are red, black, yellow, green, etc. and quite bright and shining and give the door-frame decorative and attractive form. In the temples of olden times the door-frame ,generally wooden immediately outside the sanctum sanctorum, was paid much attention and consideration for decoration and embellishments.

In the repairs and renovations there are seven steps made of marble to go to the main shrine, The outside gate’ torandwar’ is also quite decorative. It is of wood and the pictures of wrestlers. Two elephant, two boars fighting, two peacocks, Raja moving in a palanquin attendants, geometrical patterns and floral designs can be seen there for our joy and appreciation. The wooden  pillars inside the ‘mandap’ too are quite embellished with carvings of Nags, ‘chakra’, Deer, birds, couple, tree leaves, image of HanumanHanumanHanuman
SRI HANUMAN is worshipped everywhere in India, alone...
, etc. In this way we see the attempt to have aesthetic and elegant wood- work and wood sculpture in the main gate and immediately outside the sancrum sanctorum and even in the wooden pillars inside.

There are many stone –idols in front of the main temple and these pertain to half a dozen ‘Shivlings’ in the open and these are mounted on a platform. Then there is Shvalaya-type very small temple. Nandi’s standing posture is facing Bijli Mahadev inside the main shrine. All these signify that there must have been small Shivalayas which do not exist now. There may have been wooden temple which has gone into oblivion now. A new enclosure is coming up to house all these stone idols. There is flag post very high, some 150 feet or so. There is another wooden temple with slanting slate- roof with ‘Shivling’ inside. In a nearby tree, platform is the idols of ‘joginis’ and other deities. A big fair is held here on the full Moon ‘Purnima’ of ‘Bhadon Vikrami’Samvat month. There are a few ‘sars’(tanks) filled with water for sacred bath.There are many visitors on the auspicious occasion of ‘Shivratri’ at Bijli Mahadev in his chariot along with ‘baja-gaja’ (mountainous orchestra) and devotees visit Kullu Dussehera.

According to Publicity board meant for information and guidance of the visitors, it is stated that this place was originally called as ‘Manthan’ and here Lord Sadashiv did his penance for many ages. This place was related with the slaying of the demon JalandharJalandharJalandhar
Once Upon a time there was a powerful demon (Rakshas)...
and all this area is called as ‘Jalandhar Peeth’.There is another legend prevalent that a cowherd from nearby Brahan village saw a cow offering milk from her udders to ‘Shivling here. He saw this unusual event and lost his Mahun Nag as ‘avatar’ of Karan of Mahabharat is associated with Sun –worship as Karan was Veritable progeny of Sun god. Mahun Nag has his own chariot and eighteen metal –masks representing his different aspects and powers, He goes mounted on a chariot and participated in important fairs associated with hill deities. The deity has his own mountainous orchestra ‘baja- gaja’ and grand paraphernalia of Fans, flags, umbrellas, etc. Nag race has ruled some parts of India and therefore Mahun Nag or kingly Karan should have kingly status and other trappings.

The temple is architecturally made of dressed stones and timber sleepers with slanting slate-roof. It is common experience that many shrines of Nags (snake gods) have sprung up in the past at different places but its supreme seat of power and miraculous cure of snake-bites is here at Mahun Nag temple in Karsog  tehsil.




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