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Types of Numerology

Types of Numerology
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There are 3 main categories:


  1. Chaldean Numerology
  2. Pythagorean Numerology
  3. Kabbalah Numerology


Chaldean Numerology


Chaldean Numerology is dated ages back and considered the most authentic and accurate Alpha Numerology systems in the world developed by the Chaldea people residing near the areas of Persian Gulf, the southern part of Babylonia (currently Southern Iraq). The Chaldean people were a knowledge repertoire of astrology and had a great interest in the science of stars.


The Chaldean Numerology is primarily based on the frequencies of phonetics (vibrations) and Hieroglyphs (symbols) to unveil the mystery of the language decoded in an entirely unique way by separating the esoteric theory from the scientific one. The numerology assigns 1 to 9 numbers according to the vibrations and sounds of each letter depending on how the word is pronounced. Number 9 according to the Chaldean Numerology is regarded to be pure and hence if the addition of the name’s vibration of an individual results in number 9, it remains as 9 itself because in Chaldean Numerology, we consider numbers from 1-8 digits only as compared to the Pythagoras Numerology wherein 1-9 digits are taken into consideration.


The Chaldean Numerology makes use of the Compound Numbers which represent deep metaphysical and latent influences of energy. This philosophy originated from the fact that inner potential plays a vital role in deciding the right path and right time for an individual. Also, the single number denotes the true appearance of an individual while the double or compound numbers denotes the latent influences which one cannot view from their eyes and hence displays a virtual image.


Single numbers corresponding to the particular letter in Chaldean Numerology:




The Chaldean Numerology considers the name and the birth date of an individual wherein the name analysis uses only the name a person is known mostly by, instead of the original name. In case of birthday, the date is regarded as the vital factor in determining the personality, health, affluence, intellect of an individual. The reason for the birth date to be considered is because it remains constant and unchangeable, even in most cases the name of a person changes but the date always remains the same.


The benefit of Chaldean Numerology is that it can be used as a template to explore the latent energies being covered by the vibration of letters. The consideration of ‘alternate names’ and birth dates of an individual separates the method from others and hence making it a unique form of numerology. The system indicates the characteristics, potential, talent, challenges and distinct qualities of a person which makes it quite authentic and accurate.